FOX 11 Ed Laskos; Education, Family, Wife, Facts, Twitter, Age

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In 2020, Ed Laskos marks his twenty years of a long association with FOX 11. It is the compassionate love and support of fans which he appreciates most of the time from his official Twitter handle.

American TV Personality Ed Laskos works for FOX 11 News. With many decades of working experience in the journalism field, his longest has been with FOX 11 network since joining in 2000. 

Ed Laskos Bio & Family; Education, Wiki, Age

The FOX 11 representation was born as Eddie Laskos and grew up in coal country in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Due to little knowledge about his birthday and birth year, it is hard to know his actual age. However, by looking at him, he must be somewhere between 55 to 60. Similar is the case about his family since there are very few or no details about his parents and early childhood. 

Talking about education, post completing high school education, he got the fortune to answer the call to broadcasting. The anchorman stands at a decent height with appropriate body weight.

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Career History: FOX 11 & Prior!

Ed works as a fill-in anchor and a reporter for the FOX 11 News at 5 and 10 o’clock. In his applauding Journalism career of many decades, he has got the fortune to receive different honors including the Emmy Awards and numerous Emmy nominations along with several Golden Mike Awards from the LA Press Club. 

With some exposure in the field, he and FOX News to ally for a professional commitment in 2000, and it has been two decades now, he is still with the elite news and media broadcasting hub. Some of his biggest and greatest live coverage working at FOX 11 is the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the funeral of President Ronald Reagan in Washington, the earthquakes of the Central Coast, and the Angels World Series Championship. 

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Does Ed Laskos Have A Wife?

The FOX News personality is a reticent man when it comes to revealing anything about his personal life. He could possibly have a wife or enjoy marriage or might even be single, but nothing is known about his utmost privacy. 

It is because he has not uttered a single word about his personal life that speculates anything about his marriage. However, fans love him for his hard work and commitment while reporting. One of his fans, Ruben Cazessus from his Twitter handle expressed his gratitude for enjoying his show every night alongside his wife, back in mid-2018. 

To which, Ed became more than thrilled thanking Ruben and wife to appreciate his work and for the kind words from his Twitter account. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Ed Laskos

  • Ed’s career was commended from radio microphone, the TV cameras followed soon afterward.
  • He has become known for his various catch-phrases, from “cuff em and stuff em” referring to an arrest. 
  • During his four decades of work experience, he has worked in Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Orlando, and Providence.
  • The reporter has more than 2629 Twitter followers.


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