Know About Hala Gorani; CNN, Age, Husband, Family, Salary

Category: Media Date: 16 Jul, 2019

Surfing through their social sites, it is not difficult to trace out the romantic married life of Hala Gorani and her photojournalist husband. The American-Syrian journalist has been relishing the moments with her colleague husband for more than four years.

Know About Arwa Damon; CNN, Husband, Age, Family, Salary

Category: Media Date: 15 Jul, 2019

Well, the professional life of Arwa Damon is clear as crystal, known for covering the news from the Middle East for CNN. But the award-winning journalist has somehow been able to keep her personal life inside the shadow.

Know About Christi Paul; Age, CNN, Husband, Net Worth, Instagram

Category: Media Date: 02 Jul, 2019

After facing the emotional abuse from her former husband, Christi Paul decided to write a book so that the victims would find courage to seek the help. The award-winning journalist is relishing a family moment as a mother of three children with her now husband.

Know About Kate Bolduan; CNN, Age, Husband, Salary, Instagram

Category: Media Date: 30 Jun, 2019

Surfing through her Instagram, it is not difficult to trace out the romantic married life of CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. She is now a mother of two daughters with her husband, who works as the Managing Director on the New York based company.