Dee Valladares, The Survivor Winner: Personal & Career Life

Published Date: 21 Dec, 2023 Updated date: 21 Dec, 2023 By Lucifer

Dee Valladares wins The Survivor. She won her third immunity challenge of the 45th season and made her spot clear in the final. 

This article sheds light on Dee Valladares winning Survivor also trying to uncover facts on her actual job, possible boyfriend, and family details in a nutshell. 

American TV personality and entrepreneur Dee Valladares is popular from The Survivor. She is more inclined towards traveling and is a great fitness enthusiast. 

Dee Valladares, The Survivor Winner

The TV personality is the winner of The Survivor in its 45th season. She was a competitive force in the American reality show and was declared the winner during the 20th December 2023 finale. The Survivor is a feature of a group of contestants deliberately marooned in an isolated location, where they must provide basic survival necessities.


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Dee was a part of the dominant Reba alliance with Austin Li Coon, Julie Alley, and Drew Basile that ran the game until the final six. Talking about the episode, she won her third immunity challenge of the season and brought Austin with her to the final three. The contestant argued her case to the jury and secured five of the eight votes to win Survivor 45. 

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What Is Dee Valladares’s Job?

The TV personality is an entrepreneur. She has a company named Wanaroam that she started in 2019. Wanaroam is a platform for travel enthusiasts to have a comprehensive understanding of different travel destinations. There is also a different shopping section on the company’s website that features travel essentials. 

The shopping items include backpacks, water bottles, hats, stickers, and gift cards. It’s been over four years, since she started the company based in Miami, Florida. 

Before Wanaroam, Dee worked in sales development at Drata. Her association with the company was for nine months until February 2023. Data is the world’s most advanced security and compliance automation platform with the mission to help entities earn and keep the trust of their users, partners, customers, and prospects. 

Before that, Dee started her career as a sales and marketing specialist at Pure Compounding Pharmacy for four years until early 2022. Her job was based in Miami Beach Florida.

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Dee Valladares Bio & Family: Wiki, Family & Height

The TV personality was born in Cuba and later moved to Florida, at a very young age. Her family which comprises her parents and brother left everything in Cuba and shifted to the U.S. Likewise, her brother’s name is Ozzy Valladares, and considers himself to be an amateur musician. He celebrated his birthday on 24th January and started playing music at the age of 24. 


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However, the actual details of her birth details parents’ name and likely professions are kept under wraps. Dee went to the Florida International University to study Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2017 for a year. Prior she chose Miami Dade College to study for an Associate of Arts in Psychology for two years until 2017. 

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Does Dee Valladares Have A Boyfriend?

For those wondering about Dee’s personal life, she prefers to keep it private. There are no revelations made by the TV personality nor has she been clicked with someone to speculate any rumors and speculations of her having a likely boyfriend. 

Maybe, Dee is still in search of a boyfriend with whom she prefers to spend her entire life together. Unlike them, she might not be focused on being in any sort of relationship but rather focus on her career priorities. So, considering the same, Dee should be the first and the only information source if anything of her personal life and actual relationship status needs to be known.

Lastly, until and unless Dee herself brings her personal life and privacy to the pondering media spotlight and the public domain, there should not be any guesses. 

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