Oliver Hoongendorn Won Race To Survive Alaska; Girlfriend & Facts

Published Date: 06 Jun, 2023 Updated date: 06 Jun, 2023 By Lucifer

Oliver Hoongendorn has won the Race To Survive Alaska 2023. Not just sharing a passion for nature and wilderness, Oliver and his brother came out victorious.

Let us know the facts about Oliver Hoongendorn winning Race To Survive Alaska 2023 also shedding light on her personal life and whether he has a girlfriend or not.

Oliver Hoongendorn Won Race To Survive Alaska

Oliver Hoogendorn is popular for the NBC brand new popular show, Race To Survive Alaska 2023. He and his brother competed in the survival of the Alaskan wilderness competing against eight different teams. 

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Oliver Hoongendorn Won Race To Survive Alaska

Oliver and his brother Wilson Hoongendorn have won the Race To Survive Alaska 2023. It is a brand new NBC show where eight teams embark on a competition to race in and survive the Alaskan wilderness. 

The winner took against Max & Christian and Carson & Bella. They took on a harrowing journey across the Alaskan wilderness with no shelter and food. While all the episodes of the NBC show can be watched on fuboTV and Peacock, the winner takes in a cash prize of $500,000.

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Oliver Hoongendorn Bio & Family Details 

Oliver Hoongendorn is 25 years of age, born on 7 July 1997. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Talking about family consists of his mother and siblings. Besides Wilson, he has three other siblings. 

On the other hand, the details of his father are missing from bio. Moreover, his brother, Wilson, age 24 was born on 10 February 1999. By profession, Wilson is a commercial fisherman. The siblings work together in hunting moose, seals and whales using traditional tools, techniques, and weapons made from ivory and wood. 

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Does Oliver Hoongendorn Have A Girlfriend?

For those wondering about the young lad’s personal life. Oliver remains quiet. There is not much revelation made by the reality star that makes his personal life and relationship status in the public sphere.

However, there are some IG pictures of him that would speculate of him having a girlfriend. In the IG post shared by Oliver on 17 October 2013, he is seen holding hands with a lady. In the caption he has mentioned, “She’s my one and only”. Looking at the IG snap of the two holding hands, it looks more apparent of the lady being her likely girlfriend. 

Nonetheless, it has not been confirmed nor denied on the likely equation and relationship status. 

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