Steven Lee Hall Jr. Wins Naked And Afraid; Personal Life Details

Published Date: 18 Jun, 2023 Updated date: 20 Jun, 2023 By Lucifer

Steven Lee Hall Jr. wins Naked And Afraid. During the ninth episode of the popular American survival show, Steven was able to claim the victory.

This article will highlight Steven Lee Hall Jr. winning Naked And Afraid and on the other contestants and also beam the light on his personal and family life.

American reality TV star Steven Lee Hall Jr. is popular from Naked And Afraid. He is the seven-time Survivalist on the most loved TV program on Discovery Channel and is well noted with his name, The King of the Forest.

Steven Lee Hall Jr. Wins Naked And Afraid

Steven wins the 2023 season of Naked And Afraid. It is one of the most popular American reality shows with over a decade of telecasts where several pairs of total strangers survive the extreme environment and dangerous wildlife, naked and afraid. 


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For the first time in history, 12 of the contestants, most skilled survivalists, were head to head for 45 days in the South African bush. While becoming the last one victorious, the contestant endured 45 days in the African wilderness in the African wilderness and began the challenge with nothing. 

Every week, the contestants were relocated to a new survival location, pushing the limits of their skills and endurance. While there is only one winner, the contestants are pushed to the extreme for three weeks as a pair. 

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Naked And Afraid Spoilers

During the 9th episode of the show titled Legendary Showdown, the two rivals were head to head in bushcraft and multi-step water elimination. The episode’s highlight is Steven and the other three participants Jeff Zausch and Gary Golding where one got eliminated. 

Other than them, the other contestantwent home. Likewise, Amber due to her medical condition had to go home. She could not stop shivering. While a medical assistant, Rudi checked her temperature to be 34. Despite warming her up, the core temperature made her tap out. 

On the other hand, a retired police officer, Gwen Grimes left the show due to fluctuating blood pressure. Similar is the medical condition of Stacy having severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Wes voluntarily took an exit from the show after Amber left. He complained about being alone. 

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How Much Is Steven Lee Hall Jr.’s Net Worth?

The survivalist’s net worth should touch $500,000. One of the primary sources of his earning and inclining net worth is through his artwork and photography through eBay, a popular buying and selling website where page name is never-killjoy.

Steven through his Instagram bio has even appealed to people to bid on art and photography. 

Is Steven Lee Hall Jr. Married?

For those wondering about Steven’s personal life and relationship status, he is a married man. His wife’s name is Jennifer Negron. She is a completely private and reticent personality and does not prefer to be much in the public domain. 

Similar is the social media post of Steven with her which is very limited. One of the Facebook posts made by him was on 3rd March 2020 where he showed gratitude and thankfulness for a year journey to the Day my Frozen and Afraid episode. While sharing multiple posts of his journey alongside his wife, he even thanked all his fans, followers, and supporters throughout his journey.

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Steven Lee Hall Jr. Bio & Family: Wiki, Age, Height

The reality show-winning star is 40 years of age. He was born on 28 March 1983 in the United States. Talking about family comprises his parents Steven Lee Hall Sr. and Debbie. His father has always been supportive of his son. Even, he believes that his dad is responsible for who he is. 

Moreover, the survival skills of Steven were taught both by his father and grandfather. He stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 cm) tall with an appropriate body weight. The reality star is a fitness enthusiast and his social media displays reflect the same. The credit goes to his disciplined and healthy lifestyle citing diet and rigorous workout disciplines. 

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