How Old Is Ryan Eldridge From Maine Cabin Masters? Age, Wife & Facts

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Ryan Eldridge teams up with his wife and a few crew members to give new life to their clients’ cabins across the Great State of Maine. The 46-year-old has been part of the DIY Network show, Maine Cabin Masters, since 2017.

Who is Ryan Eldridge wife? How much is his net worth? Explore more about Ryan Eldridge age, wedding, family, height, and interesting facts.

Ryan Eldridge is a successful carpenter who is showcasing his carpentry skills on the DIY Network reality show, Maine Cabin Masters. The show also features his wife, Ashley Morrill Eldridge, his brother-in-law, Chase Morrill, their friend, Matthew Dix, and more.

How Old Is Ryan Eldridge? Age, Parents, Family, Height

Ryan Eldridge is 47 years old by age. He was born on 7 November 1974 in Gardiner, Maine, the United States. With American nationality and white ethnicity, Ryan currently resides in Farmingdale, Maine.

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Talking about his family, Ryan is the son of his parents, Mike Eldridge and Paula Bellavance Thomas. His father Mike is the manager of the Friends of Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page. Moreover, his mother, Paula, is a government official who works at the Maine State Legislature.

Ryan’s parents are divorced and his mother is married to Kyle Thomas.

Moreover, Ryan has two siblings in his family: a sister named Kali McKinney and a brother named Rhett Eldridge.

The reality television star stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (1.8 meters).

Ryan Eldridge Wife, Married Life

Ryan Eldridge is happily married to his wife, Ashley Morrill. Ashley is also associated with the DIY Network reality show, Maine Cabin Masters, alongside her husband and her own brother, Chase Morrill.


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The pair were colleagues and friends since teenagers. After knowing each other for a long time, they finally decided to share the wedding vows in July 2014. Interestingly, Ryan proposed the wedding to Ashley after a Willie Nelson Show.

While the past few years have halted for some time because of COVID-19, people have started to travel more and be with their close friends and family members. Similar is the case of Ryan and his wife when they traveled to Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo followed by Pemaquid Point Light in Bristol.

Ryan’s wife’s birthday falls on 28 February and this year was even more special because of the closeness and celebration with one another. The 2021 birthday was celebrated at
Purgatory, Maine.

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The couple is yet to welcome a newborn into their family.

Ryan Eldridge On Maine Cabin Masters; His Net Worth & More

A successful carpenter, Ryan Eldridge began his reality television career after being cast as one of the members of the DIY Network show, Maine Cabin Masters, in 2017.

The show features Ryan, his wife, Ashley, his brother-in-law Chase, and their crew Matthew Dix, Jared Baker, Lance Gatcomb, and Brad Weston. The group of creative builders gives new life to their clients’ cabins across the Great State of Maine.


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Given the popularity of the show and Ryan’s craftsmanship skills, he enjoys healthy net worth in excess of $860k.

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Some Interesting Facts About Ryan Eldridge

  • Ryan also runs his own podcast with the crewmates from Maine Cabin Masters called From the Woodshed.
  • Ryan considers his worst purchase as the entry into his brother’s Nascar Pyramid Scheme when he was in his 20s.
  • During his free time, Ryan loves to watch different sports like football, baseball, and playoff hockey.
  • Ryan is active on Instagram with over 14k followers.
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