Does Chase Morrill Have A Son? His Wife, Net Worth & Facts

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A simple Maine home builder turned out to become a famous television star. This is the story of a passionate and experienced builder Chase Morrill who came to the limelight after joining the DIY Network show, Maine Cabin Builders.

Who is Chase Morrill married to? Does he have a son? Follow this write-up to learn more about Chase Morrill wife, net worth, children, age, family, and facts.

Chase Morrill is an American reality television star who is best known for his association with the DIY Network show, Maine Cabin Builders. The show features his sister, Ashley Morrill Eldridge, his brother-in-law, Ryan Eldridge, and few other teammates who renovate run-down cabins around Maine.

Does Chase Morrill Have A Son? His Wife & Married Life

Well, No! Chase doesn’t have a son yet. However, he is a proud parent of two wonderful daughters named Maggie Morrill and Nori Morrill. Maggie was born before Nori.

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Chase shares the bliss of the children with his beautiful and supportive wife, Sarah Morrill. Sarah, who is a North Andover, Massachusetts native, has been working as a registered nurse for the Maine Primary Care Association.


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As per some wiki sources, Chase first met Sarah at Cony High School. They were high school sweethearts who later decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other. The actual date of their marriage remains confined.

As of now, Chase and his family reside in Augusta, Maine.

Chase Morrill Met Worth; Maine Cabin Masters

As of 2021, Chase Morrill enjoys a commanding net worth of around $600k.

Chase commenced reconstructing and renovating dilapidated buildings right after his graduation. He now co-owns Kennebec Property Services, LCC, now known as Kennebec Cabin Company (KCC) alongside his brother-in-law, Ryan Eldridge.


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Since 2017, Chase became part of the DIY Network reality show, Maine Cabin Masters. He is the leader of the fun-loving and creative cast crew including his sister, Ashley Morrill Eldridge, his brother-in-law, Ryan Eldridge, as well as his childhood friends, Matt Dix and Jared Baker.

Chase and his team earned around $30k from one project alone. Besides, they already landed some big works like The Travis Mills Foundation, Agassiz Village renovation, and many more.

Chase Morrill Bio & Family; Age, Parents, Sister, Height

Born on 25 December 1977, Chase Morrill, age 43, grew up in his hometown of Augusta, Maine, the United States. He is among the two children of his parents, Eric A Morrill and Peggy Morrill.

Chase’s father, Eric A Morrill passed away on 27 July 2014 after battling cancer for a long time. Eric was a military man who served in Vietnam and Germany. He met Chase’s wife, Peggy, while he was stationed in Germany.

Chase grew up alongside his sister, Ashley Morrill, who is a builder herself. Ashley holds a degree in Graphics Designing and is a crucial part of the Maine Cabin Masters show.


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About 5 feet and 10 inches (1.77 meters) tall in height, Chase completed his high school education at Cony High School. Following that, he received his Bachelor’s degree from The College of the University of Atlantic, Bar Harbour.

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Some Interesting Facts About Chase Morrill

  • Chase won a free beer for a year in a sculpture contest for Pabst Blue Ribbon after he made a sculpture of a guy sitting on a 30 pack drinking a beer, using only beer cans.
  • He describes his most useless talent as knowing all 50 states of the United States in alphabetical order as taught by his fourth-grade elementary music teacher.
  • Chase considers Bernard Langlais and Jim Henson as his biggest influencers.
  • He is active on Instagram with over 8k followers.
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