Does Micah Parsons Have A Wife? Personal & Family Life

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Micah Parsons’s mother took care of the kids when the father was on military duty. It is the immense family support for the youngest family member that persuaded him to follow his passion for a profession. 

This article will first shed light on whether Micah Parson has a wife or not. Secondly, it will cover the details of his family life,  the NFL draft, and the contract. 

American football linebacker Micah Parsons plays for the NFL team, Dallas Cowboys. Before entering the 2021 NFL draft, he played college football for Pennsylvania State for two years until 2020. 

Micah Parsons Bio & Family: Wiki, College, Jersey

The athlete was born Micah Aaron Parsons on 26 May 1999 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania per Wiki. His family comprises parents, Terrence Parsons and Sherese Parsons who have had immense support and contribution for their son, to follow his passion. The other family comprises his elder brother and sister. 

Micah went to Harrisburg High School and later chose to play college football at Pennsylvania State from 2018 to 2020. He is 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) tall and weighs around 111 kg. The athlete wears jersey number 11 while playing for the Cowboys. 

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More Details About Micah Parsons Family

As per Sportskeeda, Micah is the youngest in the family and has an elder brother Terrence Jr. Parsons and a sister named Shatara Parsons. The eldest child in the family is a former US Military officer. Terrence Jr. loves football and is the one who introduced Micah to the sport. 


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He even rolled him in the late Charles Chrisholm-coached pee-wee football. It is the same place that set the foundation for Micah’s professional journey. Micah’s brother currently serves as the head coach of the Harrisburg District School and runs a non-profit organization for underprivileged kids. 

Other than him, Micah’s sister is a former player at the Carolina University of Pennsylvania. The sheer credit for Micah’s baby steps into college football and the professional NFL goes to his mother. She was the one to look after her kids when their father was in his military duties. Very little is known about his father and his association with the US military. 

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Does Micah Parsons Have A Wife?

Whether Micah has a wife or not is the question for many. There are lots of rumors and speculation of the athlete being romantically linked with a lady named Kayla Nicole. She is a journalist, model, and host and owns a website, Tribe Therepe. It is a health and wellness website redefining fitness from the inside out.

Among the gossip mongers, Micah and Kayla might be a couple, but nothing official has been confirmed from their respective sides. On the other hand, the two alleged pairs have never denied their actual relationship status and dynamics. 

Even the shutterbugs have not been able to capture the alleged two in their shutterbugs neither two have made any revelation of the same from their social media accounts. It is apparent Micah is just 24 years of age, and exchanging wedding vows and having a wife should not be his current priority. 

The athlete still has a long way to go when it comes to scaling his professional career and being in a committed relationship and marriage would be likely the second thing for him.

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The Athelete’s NFL Draft & Contract

After playing college football until 2020, Micah got the fortune to be part of the NFL Draft in 2021. Likewise, the Dallas Cowboys made the 12th overall first-round selection. Both he and the team agreed upon a four-year contract worth $17 million. 


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As per Sportskeeda, his four-year contract is exactly $17,079,00. A part of his contract includes a whopping signing bonus amount of $9,781,000. For the 2021 season, Micah made an astounding salary of $660,000.

Likewise, in 2022, the athlete made $1,436,000, and a whopping $2,212,000 in 2023. Moreover, Micah is set to earn $2,989,000 in 2024 and the fifth-year contract extension will be based on his performance. Lastly, the athlete has a long way to go as he is just a few years into playing the biggest football league in the world.

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