Is Charles Cimino Married? His Age & Personal Life Facts

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Many know Charles Cimino from Gas Monkey Garage. However, few are aware of his personal life facts including his net worth and working tenure at Gas Monkey Garage. 

Now, let’s follow this article that will reveal his role at Gas Monkey Garage and personal life facts. 

American TV personality Charles Cimino is a former Gas Monkey Garage mechanic specializing in wiring and light fabrication. His passion for working on cars came in 6th grade. 

Is Charles Cimino Married?

When it comes to his personal life, Charles is a reticent personality. Whether he is married or not is a big question for many of his followers who keep pondering his personal life facts. So, assuming he is single or is likely in a relationship whether married or dating remains the speculation. 

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Charles Cimino Bio & Family: Age, Now, Wiki

Very few details are known that cites the actual facts of his birth details. To which, his actual age is still missing from his bio including his personal life facts like parents and other family members’ information.

As per wiki, the only thing known about him is he is a Dallas native and the love for working on cars came in the 6th grade. Before working at Gas Monkey Garage, he was friends with both Richard and Aaron Rawlings. As if for now, he has been working as a mechanic restoring cars.

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Career: Net Worth & Gas Monkey Garage

The TV personality’s net worth should cross a million-dollar mark. One of the important aspects of his net worth inclination came from the Discovery Channel TV show, Fast ‘N’ Loud featuring Richard Rawlings and his crew from Dallas. It is a Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage that searches for tired and run-down cars and restores them for profits. 


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Fast ‘N’ Loud was a successful show in its first season also having a spin-off show, Misfit Garage, and Fast ‘N’ Loud: Demolition. The show is produced for Discovery by Pilgrim Studios, with Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder as executive producers. It began its air on 6 June 2012 until 8 June 2020 due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Some Interesting Facts About Charles Cimino 

  • Charles and his Gas Monkey Garage mechanic, Aaron Kaufman were part of motorcycle build-off with Orange County Choppers.  
  • One of his favorite four-wheelers is Chevy Yukon and Gas Monkey Garage build 67 Dodge Dart. 
  • The TV personality has over 328 Instagram followers.
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