Who Is NasDaily?

Published Date: 13 Jan, 2023 Updated date: 13 Jan, 2023 By Phil

NasDaily, founded by filmmaker and entrepreneur Nuseir Yassin, is an online media platform that produces daily 1-minute videos about stories from around the world.

NasDaily, founded by filmmaker and entrepreneur Nuseir Yassin, is an online media platform that produces daily 1-minute videos about stories from around the world. The videos, which often feature Yassin himself, focus on topics such as human rights, social issues, culture, and everyday life. NasDaily aims to create content that unites people from all walks of life, and encourages viewers to explore the world and find common ground with others. The platform has earned over 10 million followers on Facebook and YouTube since its launch in 2016, and has been featured in international media outlets such as CNN and BBC News. Yassin’s videos have also been viewed and shared by numerous celebrities, including Mark Zuckerberg, Will Smith, and Ariana Grande. NasDaily has been praised for its unique approach to storytelling, and its positive message of global unity and understanding.His work became as successful as playing on 20bet.


Nas Daily is the pseudonym of the popular social media personality Nuseir Yassin. Yassin was born in Israel and raised in the United States, before studying at Harvard University. After graduating, he worked at Google for two years before leaving in 2016 to pursue his dream of becoming an independent filmmaker. He gained fame for creating one-minute videos about life, culture and people around the world, which he posted on his YouTube and Facebook accounts.


His videos have been viewed over a billion times, and he currently has over 7 million followers on Facebook. Yassin has since become a successful entrepreneur, launching his own media company, Nas Media. He has also written a book, titled “One Minute of Life”, and has given talks at conferences and university campuses across the world. Yassin has also been an advocate for social issues and has used his platform to spread awareness about topics such as climate change, poverty, and mental health.


He is also an outspoken advocate for gender equality and racial justice. In addition to his work in the media, Yassin has also launched several philanthropic projects, including a scholarship fund for Palestinian youth. Yassin is now based in Dubai, where he continues to produce videos and work on various projects.


NasDaily’s girlfriend is Nuseir Yassin. Nuseir is an entrepreneur and content creator from Israel. She is the co-founder of NasMedia, a content production company that produces video content for brands. She is also the co-founder of Nas Academy, an online school for entrepreneurs.


Nuseir and Nas met in 2016 when Nuseir was working as a producer for Nas’s video series, NasDaily. They quickly became friends and eventually started dating. In 2020, Nas proposed to Nuseir and they got engaged. Nuseir is a huge supporter of Nas’s work and often appears in his videos. She is also very active on social media, sharing her life and her travels with her followers.


Nuseir and Nas share a great relationship and they are both very committed to each other. They often travel together and share their lives on social media. Nuseir also has her own YouTube channel where she shares her thoughts and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Nuseir and Nas are an inspiring couple and a great example of how two people can come together and build something amazing.


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NasDaily’s entry to Dubai before this announcement was a huge success, with thousands of people tuning in to watch the video and learn more about the city. The video highlighted the amazing attractions and experiences that Dubai has to offer and served as a reminder that the city is a welcoming and safe destination for visitors.

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