Sexual Allegation On Ryan Adams; The Singer Response!

Published Date: 14 Feb, 2019 Updated date: 14 Feb, 2019 By Celebs Podium

Controversial music artist, Ryan Adams is making headlines through sexual misconduct behavior by several women. Although he has denied the allegation, the Heartbreaker singer’s former wife also alleged him of emotional abuse.

American Singer-Songwriter, David Ryan Adams is proficiently a well-noted musician in the indie and rock folk genre. With a career of more than 27 years, the composer’s musical hit includes Rock N Roll (2003) and his 12th studio album hit Cardinals III/IV of 2010.

To the recent controversy, Ryan is being said to be involved in many aspiring young artists in the past. His special likings were the female artists which he would barter for their career start and self-satisfaction. Many such women have come in disguise to confront the sex offering made by Ryan to his verbal and mental abuse in their private chat through social networking.

Additionally, the singer’s former wife, Mandy Moore even said that “Music was a point of control for him”.

The This Is Us actress further added that her former did not let her make a new friend circle and connection in the industries during her mid-to-late 20s.

When Adams began corresponding online with a fan, Ava, in 2013, she was a 14-year-old bass player already forging a career.

Furthermore, a 20-year-old female with her middle name Ava confessed about Ryan’s inappropriate conversations during her 15 and 16. Contrary to the music lessons and training, Ryan used to sent graphic text to her that included 3,217 text messages between nine months.

However, to counter his part Ryan denies all the allegation put upon him. The 44-year-old in his recent social media post expresses the recent controversy he is dragged into.

Ryan Admas multiple posts about the controversy on 13 February 2019 (Picture Source: Ryan’s Twitter)

More About Ryan & Mandy’s Fractured Relationship

Ryan dating with singer-songwriter and actress Mandy Moore in a decade old now. The former were in a relationship since 2008 with their engagement that took place in February 2009. Just a month apart, they tied their nuptials on 10 March 2009, in Savannah, Georgia.

Ryan and his former wife, Mandy pictured in 2015 (Picture Source: E!Oline)

A couple of months apart, they agreed to end their six years of marriage in a joint statement on 23 January 2015. Both the artists had requested the media to respect their privacy. Nevertheless, the final legal proceeding of their separation was in June 2016.

Career & Net Worth

The musical is making a good net worth of $12 million and plus from his musicality since 1991. Since music is the only source of his revenue generation, he has several hits making him earn ample fortunes.

Some of his hit albums include The Cardinal’s 2005 albums, Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights.

Short Bio

Ryan Adams is born from his parents, Robert and Susan Adams on 5 November 1964. He is originally from Raleigh, North California but the singer spent most of his childhood days in Jacksonville, NC. He is the middle child in the family consisting of his late old brother and two young sisters. Ryan on his 15 April 2018 stated that his brother died of sickness on the last day of their Prisoner tour. His childhood has always been termed ‘dysfunctional’; one of the reasons being his parents split during he was 5.

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