Rappers Duo YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen Charged With First-Degree Murder

Published Date: 14 Feb, 2019 Updated date: 14 Feb, 2019 By Celebs Podium

Up-and-coming Florida-based rapper James Demons aka YNW Melly and his friend, Cortlen Henry aka YNW Bortlen have been penalized for two counts of first-degree murder this Wednesday. The guilty duo was accused of plotting the murder of two former members of the YNW crew.

Miramar Police laid down the groundwork to the final plot of the accusation surrounding James Demons and the fellow-rapper Cortlen Henry. The former is charged for plotting the deaths of two inspiring rappers: Christopher Thomas Jr (age 19) and Anthony Williams (age 21) in October 2018.

The police have further confirmed that Cortlen helped Demons to stage the crime scene as a drive-by shooting after the latter gunned down his fellow friends.


The unfortunate incident happened in the early morning of 26 October 2018. The moment Christopher (YNW Juvy) and Anthony (YNW Sakchaser) arrived at the Miramar hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, they were brain dead.

YNW Melly’s Instagram Updates

Prior to his arrest, the 19-years-old rapper addressed the situation over his Instagram account writing,

To all my fans and supporters, no I did not get locked up in Washington, but I am turning myself in today.

I want you guys to know I love you and appreciate every single one of y’all, a couple months ago I lost my two brothers by violence and now the system want to find justice.

Unfortunately, a lot of rumors and lies are being said, but no worries God is with me and my brother @ynw.bortlen and we want y’all to remember it’s a ynw Family I love you @ynwsakchaser1 and @ynwjuvy #freeus.’

YNW Melly, who received indictment earlier this January on two misdemeanor drug charges, took over Instagram after the October’s murder incident. He wrote,

They wanna see me break down and stop or in jail or a box but my n****s still need me they parents need me they family need me till we meet again my twins my slimes.


YNW Melly aka Jamell Demons appears to be praying with a group of men outside a prison (Picture Source: Melly’s Instagram)

He also posted another picture in late October 2018 staged outside a prison or jail. The caption read,

Send a prayer for my brothers they mama crying right now but i got them 4 Life they my mamas

Who Is YNW Melly?

James Maurice Demons aka YNW Melly was born on 1 May 1999, in Gilford, Florida. While he was just 15, Demons shared his songs on SoundCloud. With his most-streamed song, Murder on My Mind on the account, the young and emerging rapper has amassed 3.9 million streams on Spotify as of January 2019. The song has also attracted over 42 Million views on YouTube.

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