Oliver Dench Personal, Family & Professional Life Facts

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People know Oliver Dench from his work profession. But very few are aware and have clarity on his personal life spectrum that also comprises his actual relationship status.

This article will try to uncover Oliver Dench’s personal life whether he is dating anyone or not, and also reveal facts and information of his professional life of acting.

British actress, Oliver Dench’s popularity is from Lucian Ainsworth’s role portrayal in the 2022 period drama TV series, Hotel Portofino. It is the first series with six episodes created by Matt Baker, released on an online digital video subscription service, BritBox.

Is Oliver Dench Dating?

For those who are wondering about Oliver’s personal life, very little is known about the same. The actor has not given any official statement nor been clicked with anyone that would speculate the dating rumors to be true.

Oliver prefers to safeguard his personal life and privacy, being a reticent personality. However, there are strong rumors and speculations of the actor dating a lady named Rachel Wojcik. But, it is just rumors and pondering media speculations and spotlights to know Oliver’s actual relationship status. 

Both the rumored couple has not given any official statement to either confirm or deny the actual relationship conformity. Oliver is already 30 years of age and it is obvious people would want to know about his actual relationship status citing possibly dating rumors or his singleness.

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Professional Career: Work Credits & Facts

The 30-year-old actor has been in the glitz and glamor acting world for quite some time. Since he followed his acting passion into a profession, the artist has some incredible work credits to know for.


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Some of his work credits includes Ride (2016), Pandora (2019), and Noughts + Crosses (2020).

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Oliver Dench Wiki; Family, Parents & Height

The actor, age, 30 was born on 9 September 1992 in England, UK. Talking about his early childhood and family life details, very little information is known on the same. Similar is the information on his parents name and likely profession.

The only information known about his family is that he is related to British actress Judi Dench per wiki. Oliver is 6 feet 0¾ (1.85 m) tall in height and weighs around 78 kg.

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Some Interesting Facts About Oliver Dench

  • Oliver’s star sign is Virgo.
  • The British actor has more than 6724 Instagram followers.
  • During his leisure time, Oliver prefers traveling and photography.
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