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At age 38, Mina Rzouki has over a decade of work experience in sports Journalism. She has been part of both the BBC and CNN family with a career start as a Deputy Editor for a website that offers alternative writing pieces on Italian football. 

More than her professional realm, readers want to know more about Mina Rzouki‘s personal life. So, whether she has a possible husband or not is the ultimate question for many including her nationality and origin. 

Italian Journalist & Broadcaster, Mina Rzouki works for BBC. Besides, she hosts a Series Awesome podcast for ESPN alongside another Italian journalist, Gabriele Marcotti.

Mina Rzouki Bio & Family: Wiki, Age, Parents

The news personality is 38 years of age, born on 18 August 1982 in Bahrain. Talking about family, her parents are Iraqi who later chose the United Kingdom to reside in 1987. To which, Mina had to live most of her life in Hammersmith, London per wiki.


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Besides them, she has two sisters who have the oiliest of skins like their parents. Compared to her family’s skin feature, Mina has driest skin. As per wiki, she went to Queen’s Gate between 1994 to 2000. In the same following year, Mina chose the University College London to study French, Spanish, Politics, and languages to complete it in 2004.

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Does Mina Rzouki Have A Husband?

When it comes to her personal life, Mina is reluctant to reveal any. She does not prefer anyone invading her personal space, so it is unsure whether she is in a likely relationship or still single. On the other hand, the media maven is still yet to find someone to whom she can call her husband and spend the entire life with him. 

Work Progression Into Podcast

The 38-year-old association with both ESPN and BBC has been over eight years. She works as the Series Awesome Podcast Pundit with ESPN since September 2018 also the other role of an Italian football reporter from August 2018 and a writer from August 2012.


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Mina is BBC’s Euro Leagues show regular panelist since November 2017. Likewise, from early 2013 till the present, she also has been part of The Colonel on WFPI- a European expert on World Football Phone-In.

It’s over two years, Mina is working as Telegraph Premier League Podcast Contributor for Telegraph Works since August 2018. Her other role involves a football correspondent for TRT World since November 2015.

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Early Career Facts!

Mina got to work as an Italian football contributor for BBC World Service from June 2010. She is working in the same position until now. Between August 2018 to September 2019, she became the second presenter at DAZN Group also the Serie A match analyst and pundit for BT Sport from August 2013 to June 2015.

Her career progression credits go to Daily Mirror and Sports Tonight Live from 2011 to 2015 respectively. Going by her work facts, Mina’s first job was as a deputy editor for Footballitalino.co from 2009 to October 2013. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Mina Rzouki 

  • Mina has over 6273 Instagram and more than 50.1K Twitter followers.
  • She supports and admires the Italian football team, Juventus.
  • The news expert holds British nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity background.


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