Who Is Kwame Ferreira? Wiki, Age, Nationality & Facts

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Kwame Ferreira is recently making the news headlines after his model wife came out as queer while promoting her new book. Given the circumstances, people immediately turned heads towards Kwame for his response. So what did he say? Let’s find out!

Also, since you are here, explore more about Kwame Ferreira wiki, age, nationality, parents, job, net worth, and some interesting facts.

Kwame Ferreira is mostly known as the partner of a famed British model, actress, and entrepreneur, Lily Cole. He started dating Lily in 2012 and now co-parents a beautiful daughter with her.

Who Is Kwame Ferreira? His Job, Net Worth

Kwame Ferreira is an entrepreneur himself, mostly known as a c-founder and CEO of Impossible, an innovation group and incubator. He runs the company with the mother of his kid, Lily Cole.

Prior to Impossible, Kwame served as a service designer lead at a design and innovation consultancy named Fjord, in London. Later, he left Fjordnet to become a more pragmatic product creator and executor.

Kwame’s company, Impossible, has collaborated with many global companies like Google, Samsung, and Lonely Planet. Besides client works, his company also builds its own products like Impossible People, which is a social network based on the gift economy, and Nikabot, a Slack bot that assists teams keep track of work and time.

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From his business ventures, Kwame summons a commanding net worth of $12 million. Similarly, his model/entrepreneur girlfriend enjoys a hefty net worth of $14 million.

Kwame Ferreira Wiki; Age, Nationality, Height, Education

People always confuse Kwame Ferreira is from Ghana. But that’s not the case!

In fact, the entrepreneur was born in Angola, a country in Central Africa. As Kwame is yet to reveal details on his actual date of birth, his age remains under wraps. However, some wiki sources claim that Kwame is in his early 40s.

With Angolian nationality, Kwame holds mixed ethnicity. Similarly, he stands tall at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches (1.90 meters).

Talking about his education, Kwame studied science and then got knowledge about designs. He then spent five years of his life in a classical fine arts academy in Lisbon. Eventually, Kwame gave some of his time to media arts in Berlin and Sociable Media in Boston.

Who Are Kwame Ferreira Parents? More On His Family Life

Kwame was born to his filmmaker parents. They later got separated after which, he moved to Brazil with his mother. Prior to their separation, his folks were recording a narrative of social legacy.

Subsequently, his mother married a German man when Kwame was only a youngster. His step-father had an enormous impact on his teenage life as he inspired him to become curious about the world.

Kwame Ferreira Girlfriend Lily Cole, Children

Kwame Ferreira and his girlfriend, Lily Cole have been together since 2012. Lily, age 33, is a British model, actress, and entrepreneur. She founded Impossible.com, an innovation group and incubator, in 2013.

Some three years after their togetherness, Lily announced that she was expecting her first child with Kwame on 28 February 2015. Eventually, they welcomed their daughter named Wylde Cole Ferreira in September 2015.

The couple came to the media headlines recently after Lily revealed her sexuality in public. The sizzling model came out as queer while promoting her new book, Who Cares Wins: How to Protect the Planet You Love.

Kwame Ferreira is yet to deliver anything regarding this matter.

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Some Interesting Facts About Kwame Ferreira

  • Kwame also receives credit as a cinematographer for Full Circles, Lights in Dark Places, and producer for Fear.
  • His first name, Kwame, in the Akan Language from Ghana means Born of Saturday.
  • Kwame is a notable public speaker and confers information on inventive occasions along with his accomplice, Lily Cole.
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