Know About Pedro Martinez; Stats, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Jersey

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From his early work as a mechanic to his playing with the oranges as a baseball, nobody ever thought Pedro Jaime Martínez would ever be one of the dominant players of the Dominican region.

Former Dominican Baseball player, Pedro Martinez devoted 17 years of magnificent career playing for five different Major League Baseball teams. Playing at the number 45 jersey, the former is the 2018 recipient of Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Pedro Martinez Bio & Family

The retired Dominican player was born on 25 October 1971 in Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo. Pedro is the sixth child of his parents, Pablo Jaime Abreu and Leopoldina Martínez. His father performed odd jobs and his mother got hired in clothes washing duties at different wealthy family places.

His siblings’ names include three brothers, Ramón, Jesus and Nelson with two sisters named Anadelia and Luz Maria Martinez. Ramón is a former pitches working for Major League Basketball team, Los Angeles Dodgers. Pedro is 5 feet 8 inches tall in height.

Career Stats & Net Worth

The MLB star has a net worth of $70 million from his 17 years of impressive career line as a Baseball player. Speaking about his career start, Pedro migrated to Azucareros del Este in 1989 Two years later, he returned Licey in 1991 and within a year, he made his debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers against. In 1991, he came back to Licey and signed a deal as an amateur for Los Angeles Dodgers against Cincinnati Reds in 1992.

Not only Dodgers, but Pedro also played for Montreal Expos between 1994 to 1997. In the 1997 season, he was swapped in the team Boston Red Sox for Carl Pavano and Tony Armas, Jr. In between the 2005 to 2008 season, Pedro joined New York Mets and a year later, he concluded his final game with Philadelphia Phillies in 2009.

The former’s superb playing stats came across five solid teams with his impressive win record of 219-100. Some of his MLB achievements include 8 All-Star between 1996-2000, 2002, 2005 and 2006. He is the Triple Crown winner of the 1999 season for Montreal. In the same following year, he also became the MLB wins leader.

Pedro & Wife’s Charity Work, His Children From Another Relationship!

The 47-year-old beautiful matrimony with his lovely wife, Carolina Cruz Martine took place on 9 November 2005. During the time, his spouse was a second-year student at Boston College. In the same interval of period, Carolina commenced a journalism major, and her interest lied into the volleyball game.

After her college, she went to the University of Miami to complete her masters in Journalism followed by her alliance with the ESPN cable. In the meantime, the celebrity wife dedicates her time running her husband’s charity firm, Pedro Martinez, and Brothers Foundation that works on health and education of the Dominican Republic kids.

Pedro with wife, Carolina Cruz at their family function on 2 December 2018 (Picture Source: Pedro’s Instagram)

According to IMDb, Pedro welcomed two children; a son named Pedro Martinez Jr. from his previous relationship. Both his kids are pursuing a career line of his father. However, Pedro still remains quiet to reveal any details of his children’s biological mother.  

Some Interesting Facts About Pedro Martinez

  • Before stepping the shoe into professional baseball, he did mechanical to fund his family’s daily needs. He could not afford a baseball so he used to opt out on oranges.
  • His average while his earned run average is 2.93 with strikeouts of 3,154.
  • After his retirement, Pedro took the special assistant role at the Boston Red Sox on 24 January 2013. In his honor, the Sox retired the 45 number jersey during his Red Sox Hall of Fame induction.

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