Is Andrew Siwicki Gay? Siblings, Age, Net Worth & Facts

Published Date: 01 Jul, 2021 Updated date: 27 Aug, 2021 By Lucifer

Is Andrew Siwicki Gay? Well, that’s a question for many because of his weird social media posts on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and especially on YouTube.

Well, let’s figure it out whether he is gay or not including the facts about his actual net worth, family life, and many. 

Andrew Siwicki is a well-known social media personality. The American-born has a strong social media presence both in Twitter and Instagram with a large pool of subscribers in his YouTube channel. 

Is Andrew Siwicki Gay?

When talking about Andrew’s sexuality and sexual preference, many people still speculate the same. However, there should not be any baseball rumors of him being gay which is completely not. The speculation is natural because of the YouTube video, he and his friend Garret Watts uploads with a gay title.

Many people still speculate on Andrew’s sexuality and sexual preference, considering Garret to be his likely boyfriend. The undeniable bromance between the two best friends is apparent to make the gossipmonger speculate their sexual preference and likeliness among one another.

The two best friends love uploading videos and because of their wit and sense of humor, it is apparent people make unnecessary speculation of their personal life. It is the unconditional love, warmth, and continuous support towards each other that has made their friendship rock-solid considering their YouTube channel to grow such a huge fan base in such a short time notice. 

Likewise, the two friends have devoted most of their time developing YouTube content that might have made them least considerate to focus on a love life for their own. So, wishing greatness and success for the two in their collaboration to make amazing YouTube content and be less speculative on their sexual identity and orientation considering each other’s boyfriend should be completely refrained as if for now.

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Andrew Siwicki Bio & Family: Age, Siblings, Birthday

The internet star is 29 years of age, born on 7 August 1992 in Illinois. Talking about his parents and likely siblings, the information about them is sketchy and hidden from his bio. 

Andrew went to Northern Illinois University in 2016. Over there, he also got the role of the student manager for men’s and women’s golf programs, also managing the men’s basketball team of his school. 

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How Much Net Worth Does Andrew Siwicki Have?

The 28-year-old garners immense net worth from a strong social media presence. One of the important sources is from a YouTube channel, Sweet Boys: Garrett and Andrew that he and his best friend and dear brother Garret Watt began on 28 October 2020. 

Likewise, the two best buddies have been able to garner over 551K subscribers. Most of their YouTube videos have 150K average views, making their solid bank account figures increase.

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Some Interesting Facts About Andrew Siwicki

  • Andrew’s star sign is Leo.
  • The social media sensation has over 1 million Twitter and more than 1.5 million Twitter followers.
  • He loves listening to music and one of his favorite composers is Luke Wieting.
  • Andrew’s all-time favorite movie is the 2009 US thriller Obsessed. 
  • He enjoys watching the late-night talk show, Conan O’Brien Presents Team Coco.
  • During his free time, he loves playing video games and one of his favorites is Gran Turismo. 
  • His favorite Basketball player is David Fresse.
  • Andrew supports the NBA team, Chicago Bulls. 
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