How Old Is Supa Peach? Age, Songs, Real Name, Brother, Now, Ethnicity, Facts

Published Date: 17 Nov, 2020 Updated date: 17 Nov, 2020 By Lucifer

Mostly known by Young Queen on social media platforms, her real name is Supa Peach. She is a social media sensation with millions of followers and fans recognize her for songs as an independent artist managed by her sister. 

Supa Peach is popular as Young Queen. The 17-year-old is a digital content creator and most of her YouTube channel features DIY videos, fashion haul, and most recent hit songs like No Target

How Old Is Supa Peach?

Supa Peach is 17 years of age, born on 7 March 2003 in the Virgin Islands. Very less is known about her family members that include her parents who gave her birth in the British Virgin Islands and later chose Puerto Rico. Her elder sister’s name is Precious Londyn, age 25, born on 8 April 1995 in Virgin Island. She is eight years older than Supa and their other younger sister’s name is Mini Queen Peach. According to Family Tron, her mother’s name is Josetta and she has a twin brother including two other siblings. 

She is 5 feet (1.52 m) tall in height and weighs around 45 Kg.

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Supa Peach Role In Her Career!

The 17-year-old is more than thankful to have Precious as her older sibling. She is Supa’s manager and helps her younger sibling to hone her talent in the music industry through collaboration and stage shows as an independent artist.


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Supa has a self-named YouTube channel that surpasses more than 485K subscribers. It’s been over eight years, she is into the digital world that she joined on 7 July 2012. The artist loves to post songs, DIY videos, and personal blogs to keep her audiences engaged. Likewise, some of her songs include No Target (2020), and Mad For A Reason (2020).

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The latest song is No Target released on 18 August 2020 that has over 86K views. Besides songs, she loves to explore fashion haul including hair and makeup styling. Prior to a career-driven passion for the digital podiums, Supa used to host birthday parties and similar events. 

Is Supa Peach Dating Anyone?

As if for now, Supa has kept a very low-key life that does not reveal anything personal to her. Despite so much attention and focus from the pondering paparazzi and media spotlights, they are yet to snip an image of Supa and her possible partner that would also reveal the rumors of their dating history.

Supa Peach’s Sister Has A Baby!

Supa’s older sister, Precious, has a baby girl. Her real name is Mini Peach, age 7. She was born on 29 January 2013 in the United States. Besides her social media craze, the little is mostly known as Supa’s niece. Mini has a YouTube channel of her own name that has more than 12.4K subscribers. She joined the digital platform on 27 March 2016 but has not been active lately.

However, the baby’s father’s name is still hidden from their bio. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Supa Peach

  • Supa’s nationality is American and posses Hispanic ethnicity. 
  • Her star sign is Pisces.
  • The artist’s brothers’ Instagram handle names are NyNy, Yada, and Wildinoutcal. 
  • Supa’s favorite food is Italian Cuisine.
  • She has over 62.8K Twitter and 1.9 million Instagram followers.


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