How Old Is Bradly Castleberry? His Weight, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facts

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Bradly Castleberry still believes his natural claims to respond to weight criticism. At the end of the day, unless Bradly is hooked up to a lie detector machine with indisputable evidence, the controversy will continue to ping pong his opinion forever.

How much is Bradly Castleberry net worth? Learn more about Bradly Castleberry weight, age, married life, family, and interesting facts. 

American bodybuilder Bradly Castleberry is a social media sensation with over 950k IG followers for his appealing and toned physique. Back in 2007, he was deadlifting 675 lbs with a spotter, and the bodybuilder passion spans over a decade since early 2000.

How Old Is Bradly Castleberry? Age, Family, Height, Weight

The bodybuilder is 32 years of age, born on 10 June 1989 in San Diego, California. He was raised by his father and grandfather and the sheer inspiration to love the gym came from his family at a young age. At age 20, he became a pro and was part of a few competitions until he realized bodybuilding was not for him. 

Then he chose to play a couple of years of football at a junior college while never having played it in high school. He is 5 feet 10 inches (177.5cm) tall and weighs between 111.1 to 115.7 kg. 

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Bradly Castleberry On Fake Weight Accusations

The powerlifter denies all the allegations of fake weight to be untrue. Instead, he does not care and takes it as a compliment. In one of the early 2020 YouTube videos by Generation Iron, he made it clear that he least cared about the allegation but was grateful. For him, accusation makes his strength more enduring and he has nothing to fear. 

In a jovial chat, he also said that the accusations have brought more attention to him and made him stand out as a unique brand. At one point in our interview, he literally thanks to the haters for putting a “signature” on his brand for him.

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NFL & Bodybuilding Details, Net Worth

The 32-year-old claimed to have gone to 2 NFL combines prior to participating in junior college football. Before the NFL, one of his best playing stats at Palomar Community College college in 2010 was a total of 4 games. Brad did go for four receptions for a total of five yards that also comprised 2.5 yards per reception, one reception was for a touchdown. Over there, he also had 2 tackles.


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Post-college, his primary focus has mainly been on weightlifting and social media. He also started his own supplement called Castleberry Nutrition that sells a few workout supplements and also training programs. 

As of now, his net worth figures remain under review.

How Did Brad Castleberry Start?

From an early age, Brad showed signs of a great sportsman with athletic abilities. As he entered high school, he got his first pair of weights and started training.

At first, Brad exercised in a friend’s garage, where he spent a lot of time trying out different exercises and routines. According to him, all they had was a small bench, curl bar, and a pair of dumbbells. As a result, they had to improvise.

By the time Brad was 15, he got his first gym membership and started training more seriously, becoming addicted to the fitness lifestyle. He said,

At 15 my Mom got me my first gym membership and I have never looked back.

Brad continued working out for several years, dramatically improving his physique as time went by. Subsequently, it came to a point where he contemplated competing in a bodybuilding show.

Is Brad Castleberry Married?

Brad keeps his personal life very confidential. It is hard to know whether he is married or single but has two children, a son, and a daughter. He is a great family guy and besides posting multiple snaps of his bodybuilding progress, Brad does not miss sharing his children glimpses occasionally.

However, being the father of two, it is apparent that he might possibly have a wife and are separated. Or else, he might have an affair or still be married to which he prefers to keep the utmost privacy. 

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Some Interesting Facts About  Bradly Castleberry

  • Bradly is known by other names like The Manimal.
  • In the early days, he would train in his friend’s garage.
  • He got his first gym membership at age 16, by 19 years old he was on the stage in his first bodybuilding competition.
  • His star sign is Gemini.
  • He also has a clothing line called Castleberry.


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