Is Geraldo Perdomo Dating? Personal and Professional Career

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Geraldo Perdomo is one playing prodigy in the MLB league. The love and sense of belongingness, he has had for one elite club for more than six years prove his trust and loyalty for the same.

This article will explore Geraldo Perdomo professional career like MLB and salary facts. Also it sheds light upon whether he is dating anyone or not.

Dominican professional baseball shortstop Geraldo Perdomo plays for the MLB team, Arizona Diamondbacks. He is into a professional playing career for over six years since mid-2016 per wiki.

Is Geraldo Perdomo Dating?

When it comes to her personal life, Geraldo refrains from discussing it openly. To which, the details of his actual relationship whether possibly dating anyone or likely singleness are hidden from her bio. 

Until now, there has never been any news gossip and speculations of him having any affair with anyone. Geraldo is too young to be in a relationship and right now, his core priorities and commitments have been improving each and every game, he is part of. 

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On the other hand, the athlete has never given any official confirmation nor has been papped with anyone else that affirms him possibly dating. As a reticent personality, he guards his personal life and privacy and does not like the same to be discussed or be the news headline in the pondering media spotlight. 

Geraldo should be the primary and official news source to discuss or reveal anything that has to do with his actual relationship status. So for now, making unnecessary news, gossip, rumours and speculations of the athlete’s personal life shall not affirm the same until and unless it comes primarily from the horse’s mouth.

Geraldo Perdomo: Professional Career & Salary

The 22-year-old got the fortune to be part of the Diamondbacks team in July 2016. However, his professional debut came in 2017 with the Dominican Summer League Giants per wiki. Two years later, he was promoted to the Visalia Rawhide in 2019. 


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Prior to the season, he played in the Arizona Fall League also selecting to play in the Falls Stars Game per wiki. The next season in 2020, he could not play a minor league due to its cancellation by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Likewise, he hit his first career home run on 7 June 2022 against the Cincinnati Reds. Currently, Geraldo withdraws a salary of $730,900 from the Diamondbacks.

Geraldo Perdomo Bio & Family: Wiki, Height, High School

The athlete was born Geraldo Rafael Perdomo on 22 October 1999 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Very little information about Geraldo’s early childhood and family life is ever known.


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However, the only details known about his parents is Geraldo calling them around 3 am in the morning to share the news of him being in the Dominican Republic team. As per the Athletic, Geraldo shares the story of his first big-league call-up. The player also called his parents with the news which was 3 a.m in the morning and they did not answer so he had to sleep for 30 minutes. 

Geraldo is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall in height and weighs around 92 kg.

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Some Interesting Facts About Geraldo Perdomo

  • Geraldo has more than 10K Instagram followers.
  • The athlete is a fashionista and loves exploring different apparel.
  • One of his favourite sports brands is Adidas.
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