Who Is Elizabeth Talbot’s Husband? Wiki, Age, Family, Facts

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Elizabeth Talbot began learning the antiques trade in the mid-1980s. Soon she became the youngest female auctioneer in the country per wiki also gazing millions of fan followings through her TV program Flog It.

British antique expert and auctioneer Elizabeth Talbot is well-noted to be part of BBC’s TV series Flog It. While the entire show is about an antique valuation, it is done by two experts including her.

Elizabeth Talbot Bio & Family

The TV personality is a private person and not much has been revealed about her birth details. To which her actual age and year of birth still remain a dilemma for many. However, the wiki sources suggest that her birthday falls on the 10th of March every year.

Similarly, there are also missing details of her family, making her followers assume her actual background and ancestry roots.

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More On Elizabeth Talbot Career!

Elizabeth began learning the antiques trade in the mid-1980s. When she became one of the youngest female auctioneers, her motive was to train and master her skills to identify gazing antique pieces. Soon, she got the fortune to train with Messrs. Henry Spencer & Sons of Retford before joining TW Gaze in 1995. She became the recipient to be a member of the Incorporated Society of Valuers and Auctioneers in the 1990s. In between, she also became a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in the late 1990s.

Then she became part of BBC’s popular TV shows including, Flog It and Bargain Hunt

In 2019, she also got the honor to be the President of the Lowestoft Archaeology & Local History Society. Some of her other achievements include being an auctioneer at the annual Lowestoft Porcelain auctions and is also an honorary member of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association.

However, in the previous year, Elizabeth was also rarely noticed even in her inclining career graph. It should either be preparing for any TV shows under BBC flagship or taking a backseat at least for some time to be along with close friends and family members

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Who is Elizabeth Talbot’s Husband?

The auctioneer relishes beautiful matrimony with husband Michael Talbot. Although the details of their early meetings and matrimonial history are still hidden, they co-parent twin girls. Her grown-up daughters are currently pursuing their University education.

Not much has been revealed about her husband and kids who she prefers to keep away from the pondering media spotlights. It is because she is a reticent personality who prefers to be very low-key whenever anything that has to do with their personal life.

Not even a single picture of her with husband and daughter has even circulated in the pondering media spotlight. Moreover, she has also remained quiet to give any statement and publically attend any formal or informal events that would make people get glimpses of the two. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Talbot

  • Elizabeth is a vivid social media user with 5k Twitter followers. 
  • Her passion for antiques grew out of a childhood love of history. 
  • She enjoyed family trips to museums and stately homes and fired her enthusiasm.
  • The TV personality is a great admirer and supports heritage projects around East Anglia including the work of museums.
  • The late 19th and early 20th centuries Arts and Crafts period fascinate her.
  • Some other noted auctioneers are Catherine Southon, Caroline Hawley, and Michael Baggott.
  • The antique expert believes objects can tell stories about people’s lives in days gone by.
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