What Is Ittai Sopher’s Job? Meet The Jeopardy Contestant

Published Date: 13 Jul, 2023 Updated date: 13 Jul, 2023 By Daniel Roffer

A Jeopardy fan, Ittai Sopher has been watching the show since he was a kid in 2010. He not only fulfilled his dream to appear on the show but also ended up being the champion on his debut.

Ittai Sopher is a new Jeopardy champion who won June 12 episode this season. He will return as a champion in the upcoming June 13 episode.

Sopher had made several attempts to compete on Jeopardy since he was a child. However, he finally got his big break last year when he received a callback and took part in a series of auditions.

While covering a press conference, he found out he was going to be on the show via text. He said he would like to use the money he won from Jeopardy to save for the future and also do some traveling.

Ittai Sopher Is The New Jeopardy Champion

Sopher made his debut on the 39th season of the longest-running quiz game show Jeopardy on 12 June 2023. The fortunate guy became the new champion of the show outscoring two contestants.

On Wednesday’s episode, he faced the returning champion, a New Orleans-based digital journalist and news producer Justin White and a Minneapolis-based communications specialist Mia McGill.

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Ittai began leading in the first round and then answered 11 right and 2 incorrect in the Double Jeopardy! round. Moreover, he and the other two contestants gave correct answers in the final round.

Eventually, he became a champion with a winning score of $12,401. He will return as a champion on Thursday’s episode which airs on 13 June 2023.

Ittai Sopher Wiki, Age & Education

Sopher is 26 years old now. He was born in 1997 and celebrates his birthday in February with his friends and family.


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As per wiki, he graduated from SAR High School in New York City, New York in 2015. He was then enrolled at Pitzer College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies in 2019.

While attending Pitzer College, he also participated in a semester-long exchange program with La Universidad de San Francisco de Quito in Quito, Ecuador in 2017. Later, he graduated with a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Arizona in the year 2023.

Who Are Ittai Sopher’s Parents?

Sopher was raised in a Jewish family in Englewood, New Jersey, United States. His father is Jonathan Sopher and his mother is Avira Sopher and they have been married since 6 September 1993.


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Additionally, he has three brothers named Ehud Sopher, Matan McGiver Johnson Sopher, and Levi Sopher. Moreover, his family comprises a grandmother who was most excited to hear the news of him going on Jeopardy!

Ittai Sopher Is A Digital Journalist & News Producer

Sopher is a digital journalist and news producer by profession. He works as a news producer at WWL-TV, a CBS-affiliated television station in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been serving in the station since June 2022.

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Prior to that, he worked at Arizona Public Media as a production assistant and field technician for nine months. He also worked in news production in Washington, D.C., and with veteran anchor Greta Van Susteren at Voice of America.


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Ittai worked for the special projects team at ABC7 in Los Angeles in 2020. He served as a News Team Staff Researcher at Ballotpedia and was an administrative assistant at the Commonwealth Business Bank.

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