Is Susana Abundiz Dating? Career, Personal & Family Life

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There are strong rumors and buzz of Susana Abundiz dating a woman also, breaking up with her partner. However, getting clarity for the same is the need of the hour.

This article will firstly shed light on Susan Abundiz’s likely dating and try to provide clarity on the partner also covering details of her career and family life insights. 

Mexican TV personality Susana Abundiz is an insurance agent. She has a strong interest in playing soccer, also transitioning her career as an insurance agent to winning the popular reality show of her native land. 

Is Viviana Michel Her Partner?

There have been strong rumors of Susana having a partner. The rumors are of a lady named Viviana Michel. However, there were speculations of the two women dating each other and in a living relationship.

However, there was also a strong buzz that the two were breaking up. Nevertheless, neither, Susana nor her rumored partner made any official clarification of the two likely datings or the end of the probable relationship.

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Is Susana Abundiz Still Dating?

The question of Susana possibly dating or not remains a mystery. It becomes more apparent that the athlete is of a reticent personality and nothing much about her personal life and privacy matters are well in the spotlight.

Susana has been able to safeguard her personal matters and privacy concerns with utmost dignity. There have never been any instances where she has given any official statement nor been clicked with anyone that would affirm her dating life or any sort of other relationship.

Even the pondering media spotlight and the digital news medium have not been able to share news of her having a likely partner. To which, there would be questions and doubtfulness about her having a probable partner or not. On the other hand, Susana could still be finding someone to call that person as her partner with whom she can spend her entire life together. Moreover, she could also prioritize and remain focused on her career over any sort of relationship and having a partner. 

So, reflecting on her personal life, Susana should be the first and the only information source when her personal life and privacy concerns matter. There should not be any rumors and speculations of the athlete dating or not that also majorly focus on having a partner or still in search of one. 

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Susana Abundiz Career: Soccer & More

As per Mag, the athlete is the former recipient of the Exalton Unidos. She participated in the Mexican reality TV show in its sixth season as a replacement for another contestant, Fernanda de la Mora in 2022. 


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Susana is an athlete, a TV personality, and a social media influencer. She rose to fame after winning the reality show in 2022 also garnering much media attention and spotlight. Likewise, she began sports as a prodigy in athletics, specifically in long-distance running as a school student. 


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At age 17, she chose to travel to the US for training and later discovered soccer. Moreover, Susana also received scholarships attending several universities namely Georgia, Oklahoma, and Colorado. During that time, she stood out playing sem-professional soccer. 

Upon completing her academic training, Susana returned to her native land. Over there, she had a brief experience as a player for Las Aguilas de America. On the other hand, her interest in Exation Unidos started when she founded her insurance agency in Dallas, Texas. 

Her career started working as a customer service at Sodexo for months until late 2012  and chose Otero Junior College for the role of Assistant of International Relations for four months in early 2014. 

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Susana Abundiz Bio & Family: Wiki, Age & Height

The social media influencer is 30 years of age. She was born on 8th August 1993 in Mexico. Talking about family, the names of her parents and their likely profession are missing from her bio, although there are a few Instagram snaps of them together.

As per LinkedIn, Susana went to Northeastern Oklahoma State University. Over there, she completed Business Administration and Management certification in 2015. From then, she went to the University of West Georgia to get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management between 2015 to 2017. 

Susana stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (174 cm) tall and weighs around 73 kg. 

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