What Is Rob Pitts Netflix Show? Career & Personal Life

Published Date: 15 Jun, 2023 Updated date: 15 Jun, 2023 By Lucifer

Rob Pitts is a great lover of automobiles. Following his passion into a profession, the automobile influencer is part of a Netflix show that focuses on great automobile remodeling.

Let us know the facts about Rob Pitt‘s new Netflix show, also shedding light on his personal life whether he is married or not, also revealing family life facts.

American automobile enthusiast Rob Pitts is featured in the Netflix brand new show, Tex Mex. It will be great to watch Rob with his over a decade of work experience in automobile updates and remodeling. 

What Is Rob Pitts’s, Netflix Show?

The automobile enthusiast is back and how. He is part of the brand new Netflix show, Tex Mex which aired on 8 June 2023. It is the 2023 Netflix show where a group of experts remodels degraded cars and sells them. 

Likewise, the Netflix show comprises Mike Coy, Scooter Wreyton, and Sammy Maloo. For the fans and lovers of automobiles, the Netflix show was filmed on location in Texas and Mexico per wiki.

It is produced by California-based MAK Pictures along with community support from El Paso’s own Star Central Studios. Moreover, the show will cater to audiences who are great lovers and show high enthusiasm and interest in automobile manufacturing and remodeling. 

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Rob Pitts Net Worth & YouTube Journey

The 43-year-old earns a lucrative morning from automobiles that cement his solid rock net worth. He has a self-titled YouTube channel named Robb Pitts that he started on 3 January 2018. In over five years’ time, Rob has managed to surpass more than 125K YouTube subscribers. 

Moreover, the video content of his YouTube channel is basically on automobile manufacturing, the latest updates, and updates on the parts and tournaments. One of his recent YouTube uploads has been content on building a super truck that will take him a good seven days. 

It is one of the dream projects of Rob where the Super Truck will have big brakes and tubular suspension. Likewise, it will also be a resemblance to the 1985 Chevrolet square body that he owns. The doors and the dash are also getting custom orange letters and more. 

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Rob Pitts Applying Net Worth Selling Merchandise

Not just from YouTube, Rob Pitts makes a good earning that further amplifies his net worth from selling merchandise. All of the merchandised t-shirts are available on his website, Rabbit’s Used Cards, Home of the eBay Outlaw. 

While going through the website, automobile enthusiasts are able to find stickers that cost $3. Likewise, the normal T-shirt costs $25 and a hoodie is $45. Automobile lovers can make an online purchase through ShopPay.

Is He Married?

For those wondering about Rob’s personal life, he prefers to keep it low-key. While fans, followers, and the general public are well aware of his profession, they are still in a dilemma on whether he is married or not. 

There is no clarity on his actual relationship status. He might be possibly married to someone, to whom he prefers to hide under the media forum and the public domain. On the other hand, he might also be likely searching for someone to spend the rest of his life with and make it public, anytime soon. 

Moreover, there are also no revelations made by the automobile on his relationship status nor came through the headlines from the paparazzi’s lenses. 

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Rob Pitts Bio & Family: Birthday, Age, Height

Rob Pitts is 43 years of age. He celebrates his birthday on 27 July and was born in the year 1979. The automobile influencer is very close to his mother, Kimberly Pitts, who celebrates her birthday on 10 May. Rob is very close to his mother and shares an amicable bond with her. She has been a support system and a motivator for him to further his automobile passion into a profession. 

His father is no more. Rob shared a post remembering his dad and writes remembering him every day. Besides her, the other details of his family and early childhood are hidden from his bio. He is 6 feet 1 inch (185.4 cm) tall in height and weighs around 83 kg. 

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