Paul D. Ferrante Association with Lenox & Personal Life

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Paul D. Ferrante’s association with Lenox is more than 12 years. With great financial academics, expertise and experience, he has been one of the partner associates of the comprehensive financial solution.

This article will shed light upon Paul D. Ferrante’s association with Lenox also it will try to uncover facts on his actual relationship status. 

American financial expert Paul D. Ferrante is part of the Lenox family. After spending over 10 years with a financial service company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he joined Lenox.

Paul D. Ferrante: LinkedIn & Education

As per LinkedIn, Paul for his final four years at Northwestern Mutual won a Master Achievement Award. Talking more about his education, he has a Bachelor’s degree from Iona College in Economics and Speech. 

His LinkedIn also suggests him working for a well-known entity for more than a decade. He got the fortune to be working as an Insurance and Estate Planning Specialist for Northwestern Mutual from December 2000 to early 2011. 

Then, he chose to work with Lenox Advisors, a comprehensive financial solutions company based in New York per wiki. He joined the company as a Senior Vice President in early 2011. Between February 2013 to early 2016, he worked as the Managing Director of the firm. 

In his 12 years and continuing work experience with Lenox, Paul is responsible for work with both corporate and individual clients. The core work is towards specializing to provide clients with integrated solutions regarding insurance, estate planning, employee benefits strategies, and wealth management. 

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His Relationship Status

When it comes to Paul’s relationship status, it is still a mystery for many. While people know him as a well-reputed and known financial expert and analyst, very few are aware of his actual relationship status. 

There has never been an instance where Paul has given any official statement nor clicked with anyone that would affirm his actual relationship status. As a reticent personality also, the financial expert has been keeping mum to disclose anything about his personal life and privacy. 

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Paul D. Ferrante Bio & Family: Age, Height & Wiki

Very few details are known about Paul D. Ferrante’s birth so his actual age is still a mystery. Similar is the information about his early childhood and family life.

Paul stands at a proper height and appropriate body weight. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Paul D. Ferrante

  • Paul was also a Forum member at Northwestern Mutual.
  • During his tenure at Northwestern Mutual, he was ranked among the Top 20 financial representatives.
  • During his leisure time off from Lenox, he loves traveling and exploring new places. 
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