Who Is Olivia Namath Husband? Career & Net Worth

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Olivia Namath and her husband do have some criminal past. From marijuana to alcoholism, the pair became quite a sensation with Olivia also being the daughter of a legendary NFL star.

Let us know about Olivia Namath and her husband and also the facts about her parents and their 16 years of marriage that ended up in a divorce. 

Olivia Namath is popular being the daughter of famous American athlete Joe Namath. Her father is a legendary former football quarterback with 13 seasons of a long association with the New York Jets.

Who Is Olivia Namath’s Husband? 

Olivia’s husband‘s name is Edwin Baker III. After dating each other for some years, the pair went to walk the wedding aisle in 2013 at the Ca’d’Zan. It is one of the historic mansions of circus king John Ringling. 

By profession, her husband is an artist whose artwork is rooted in street art. His inspiration is found in the artists like Basquiat and Picasso per wiki. The pair shares a baby daughter born in May 2007, almost six years before their grand nuptial. At the time of birth, Olivia was just the age of 16, and her husband was at the age of 19

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Talking a bit more about her husband, Edwin is a native of Jupiter, Florida. He has been on multiple criminal charges like the 2006 possession of crystal methamphetamine, burglary, and grand theft. A year prior, the police busted him with an accusation of robbing a McDonald’s restaurant. 

Olivia Namath Bio & Family: Wiki On Parents Separation

The celebrity child was born in 1991. She has an elder sister, Jessica Namath, age 36 born in the year 1986. Talking to their parents, Joe Namath and Deborah Mays, they got married on 7 November 1984. The marriage came a year later when both of them met while Joe was taking a voice class in 1983.

16 years post marriage, Olivia’s parents decide to part ways in 2000. 

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How Much Is Olivia Namath Net Worth

Very little about Olivia’s actual profession is ever known in the public domain. However, she has been part and supportive of her husband’s art exhibitions from which the family finances are generated.


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It is her father whose net worth is over $18 million from professional football since 1965. Joe got the fortune to play for the Jets between 1965 to 1976 and then Los Angeles for a year in 1977.

Olivia attended high school in Florida. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Olivia Namath

  • In 2010, police arrested Olivia after discoverng an open bottle of rum and marijuana in her car. 
  • Olivia’s mother played a bigger role to keep her dad sober from his alcoholic nature.
  • Her religion is Christianity.
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