Does Milo Manheim Have A Girlfriend? Personal & Professional Life Facts

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Milo Manheim has been constantly linked with many of his co-stars. His social media posting also gives clues about the actor’s likely dating and having a possible girlfriend.

This article will try to uncover whether Milo Manheim has a girlfriend or not also revealing facts about his professional career that cites movies too. 

American actor Milo Manheim is popular playing Zed’s role in the 2018 blockbuster Zombies. He also had the same recurring role in its sequel Zombies 2 released in 2022.

Does Milo Manheim Have A Girlfriend?

When it comes to his personal life, Milo prefers to keep it low-key. However, if rumors and speculations are to be believed, his likely girlfriend‘s name is the actress Meg Donnelly. Both of them starred together in one of the 2018 blockbuster movies, Zombies


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More than a relationship,  the adorable two have always believed in their relationship as a family. It is also apparent that the two had the best time together during the filming of the movie to make their relationship cordial and of warmth. Other than that, there are also rumors of actress Peyton Elizabeth to be likely her girlfriend. They are filming one of the much-anticipated movies of 2023 titled Prom Pact.

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There are plenty of photos of the two sharing a cozy moment with one another. However, neither Milo nor his speculated girlfriend has given any official statement that would affirm their actual relationship status.

Milo Manheim Professional Career: Movies & Facts

The 21-year-old is into the Hollywood acting domain since 2009. Some of his movie work includes Zombies 3 (2022), and Zombies (2018), and her debut role of Ripley is the 2009 supernatural Ghost Whisperer.

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Milo Manheim Bio & Family: Wiki, Age, Height

The actor, age 21 was born on 6 March 2001 in Venice. California per wiki. Talking about family, he is the son of actress Camryn Manheim and former model Jeffrey Brezovar per wiki. His mother, age 61 was born on 8 March, 1961 in West Caldwell New Jersey.


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Camryn’s Hollywood career has been since 1983. Some of her movies are All About Nina (2018), Return to Sender (2015), The Hot Flashes (2013), Twisted (2004). Happiness (1998) and her debut, Sudden Impact (1983).

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Some Interesting Facts About Milo Manheim

  • Milo has a crush and her name is Dancing With the Stars co-star Alexis Ren. 
  • The actor is Jewish and had his bar mitzvah ceremony to explore Activism at Any Age with the Sholem community.
  • Sholem Community is a secular Jewish Sunday school in Los Angeles, California.
  • Milo plays drums, piano, guitar, and ukulele.
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