Is Melissa Burns Married Now? Personal & Professional Life

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Dirty hands and clean money is what Melissa Burns believes. The ideology of hard work and being passionate about every day work, day in and day out is what motivates her family and husband.

Let us know the facts about Melissa Burns husband, their kids and family also shedding light on Tough As Nails and many more interesting findings of her personal and professional life.

American reality star Melissa Burns is popular for the CBS series, Tough As Nails. Besides the soaring popularity from TV, she is into agriculture along with her family and husband. 

Is Melissa Burns Married Now?

The 38 year old is currently married to a man named Ron Grayson Burns on 9 June 2018 two years after their engagement in November 2016. After knowing each other for quite some time, the adorable two went to exchange the wedding vows in presence of close friends and family members. They share two kids. 

The family became three upon the arrival of a baby son named Grayson King Burns on 18 November 2020. Grayson’s delivery was around 6:28 am at the Ohio Health Dublin Methodist Hospital and he weighed 8 pounds and 11 oz. 

They delivered their second baby, Griffin Clifford Burns on 25 June 2022 at around 2:42 pm. He weighed 11 pounds and 11 oz. Talking about her current married status, both the couple are equally busy in their respective chosen career and always have time for the family. 

Talking about her husband’s profession, he is a farmer and living his dream. He completed his education at the Ohio State University. 

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Career Facts & Tough As Nails

Melissa is a prominent face of CBS popular reality show Tough As Nails in its first season. It is an American reality competition TV series that features contestants competing in challenges at job sites that test their toughness. The first season aired from mid 2020 per wiki.

Besides Tough As Nails, she and her family are into agriculture. She and her husband along with father in law and brother in law, handle crops, produce, hay, straw and feed mill. Her day starts anywhere between 3:00 – 4:00 AM from house chores. Then she is around the fields and at the feed mill. 

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Melissa Burns Bio & Family: Wiki, Age, Height

The reality star, age 29 was born on 21 May 1993 to a family of farmers. Very little information is known about her early childhood and family life. Unlike, the only information known about her family is having three siblings that includes her sister Michelle Downerd Wolf and two brothers. Not much about their information is ever known, unlike a few Instagram snaps shared by Melissa herself. 

Melissa stands a proper height and an appropriate body weight. 

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Some Interesting Facts About Melissa Burns

  • Melissa’s former husband Rex is the brother of former Miss Australia Caroline Pemberton. 
  • The reality star has more than 3670 Instagram followers.
  • She is a certified nutritionist. 
  • Her husband is nicknamed Ronnie.
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