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Japanese-born Youtuber/Vlogger Mia Stammer has taken over the digital world with her beauty and fashion podcast on social media. Mia’s Youtube channel, MamaMiaMakeup, has earned her massive popularity with over 4 million subscribers.

Despite hailing from the Asian continent, Mia Stammer found her career mojo only when she moved to the United States. Besides her beauty podcast, Mia has been able to entertain the social audiences through entertaining and creative challenges on her self-named Vlogging channel.

Short Bio: Family & Childhood Story

Mia Stammer was born in 1994 and she celebrates her birthday 1st of August every year. She was raised in her hometown of Okinawa, Japan, by her Caucasian-American father and Japanese mother. Mia is not the only child in her family; she shares a siblings bond with her brother, Andrew.

Mia was relocated to Los Angeles, California when she was at her young age. With the States giving her recognizable fame, the mixed-ethnicized Youtuber likes to label herself as both Asian and White.

Social Media Career

While growing up, Mia had a massive obsession to pursue her career as a nurse. However, all of that changed when he left her hometown in search of a glowing career. Initially, Mia served as a waitress at a family restaurant for almost three years before making her steps into the broadway of social media.  

With much up for grabs, Mia started her YouTube channel where she shared her thoughts and stories with the social audiences. Subsequently, she was smitten by the massive response howling from the YouTube viewers.

Her beauty and fashion channel, MiaMamaMakeup found new feat among the social media fanatics and has now crossed over 4 Million subscribers. The amazing blend of entertaining and informative aspects makes her channel even more popular.

Apart from that, Mia’s self-titled channel is the place where she entices the audiences with fun and entertaining daily challenges. Besides, Mia shares some valuable tips to her followers on how to overcome anxiety and enjoy each and every aspects of life. Truly, she is indeed a social star!

 Net Worth & Earnings

A staggering career in social media has earned Mia a massive fortune. The YouTube sensation’s net worth is approximated to fall inside the figure of $400K. As per Social Blade, Mia makes between $8K to $127.4K yearly through her MamaMiaMakeup Youtube channel. Besides, her self-titled channel’s yearly earnings range from $365 to $5.8K.

A tour around Mia Stammer’s Japanese-style LA house (Video Source: YouTube)

Apart from that, Mia owns a beautiful Japanese-style house in her residence of LA. The property is decorated with modern interiors. Besides, her living room surrounded with plants feats her with the exhilarating feel of nature.

Short-Term Flings With Ex-Boyfriends: Mia’s Relationship Status

Given her popularity among the paparazzi, it is no exception to guess that Mia is sharing the same professional bliss in her personal life too. As a matter of fact, she did in the past; however, every single time it turned out to be a mere fling.

The 24-year-old Youtuber was in a relationship with the Men’s lifestyle and fashion Vlogger, Alex Denmon. Sadly, they parted ways in 2015.

A year later, another YouTube star, Kyle Hatch made Mia bask on a relationship bliss. The 27-year-old American web video star is acclaimed for his collaboration with a sketch comedy/parody channel, Wasabi Production Team.


Mia and her boyfriend, Kyle hanging out while they were a couple (Picture Source: Mia’s Instagram)

Though Mia and Kyle were an item and didn’t hesitate to make their relationship public on social platforms, the couple decided to end their romantic journey in the mid-2018. No specific reason of their breakup surfaced on media platforms. 

At this point, Mia is leading single and social media-affiliated life.

Some Interesting Facts About Mia Stammer

  • Mia loves to put on different hairstyles and has an extreme obsession for trying out different colors on her hair.
  • Her frequent hair coloring created a controversy at the start of 2018. The divided fans accused her of being ashamed of her Japanese heritage and trying to forget her Asian ancestry. Following that, Mia settled the accusation claiming that dyeing her hair didn’t mean she was forgetting her heritage.
  • The rumors suggest that Mia previously dated Japanese-born band technician for We The Kings (American rock band), Kiyoshi Muto
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