Know About GOT Liam Cunningham; Wife, Height, Net Worth, Age

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Who would have ever thought that a school dropout would go on to become the star of ‘once in a lifetime’ show Game of Thrones in the present future? Well, to have achieved the fairy tale feat is none other than 57-years-of-age actor Liam Cunningham.

A journey that started from the Irish screens to the American entertainment paradise defines Liam Cunningham’s life. While the veteran actor is still basking in the acting fame, he possesses no short of support from his caring wife.

Short Bio: Age, Family, Height

Liam Cunningham, age 57, was born on 2 June 1961 in East Wall, Dublin, Ireland. He comes from the family of seven which consists of his parents, Kathleen Cunningham and Michael Cunningham, and three sisters plus one brother. Liam’s dad, Michael previously worked on the docks before his death.


Liam Cunningham with his mother Kathleen Cunningham (Picture: Independent)

Liam grew up in Kilmore West and went to the primary school, St Laurence O’Toole’s in Seville Place. At the age of 15, he left secondary school and pursued a career as an electrician.

Standing at a tall height of 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85 m), Liam moved to Zimbabwe for three years in the 1980s. There, he maintained electrical equipment at a safari park. Besides, he also trained the Zimbabwean electricians. On his return back to Ireland, he decided to put his foot in acting business.

Career, Net Worth

Liam Cunningham’s acting debut came as a Police Officer in 1992 Irish film Into the West. Soon, he took over TV as Chris in 13 episodes of British drama series Roughnecks between 1994 and 1995.

After some scintillating performances over nearly two decades, Liam was called by the Game of Thrones’ team to portray the character of Davos Seaworth in 2012. Also known as Ser Davos, the character is defined as decent with some lowly beginnings, but with a great piece of mind and as the moral compass of the epic fantasy.


Liam Cunningham as Ser Davos on Game of Thrones (Picture: Daily Express)

The veteran actor’s movie and TV works besides GOT include Dog Soldiers (2002), The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006), Clash of the Titans (2010), War Horse (2011), Doctor Who (2013), and 24 Hours to Live (2017).

To this point, Liam’s net worth reportedly swirls around $4 Million.

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Three Children With Wife of 35 Years!

Liam’s relationship life is no short of a romantic fairy tale. He met his future wife, Colette Cunningham at the age of 19 when he flew to Africa. They soon fell in love and decided to share the wedding vows in January of 1984. Liam had to marry Colette because she wouldn’t get a visa out of Africa and he couldn’t take her with him as only girlfriend. This is where he listened to his heart as he was madly in love with her.

The married couple waited nine years to welcome their first child. They now are the parents of three wonderful kids: sons, Liam Cunningham Jr. and Sean Cunningham, and daughter, Ellen Cunningham. Liam and Colette are happy to steer their married life in the home in Killester, Dublin.

Some Interesting Facts About Liam Cunningham

  • Liam describes himself being punk at an early age where he had a skinhead and an army coat and 12-hole Docs.
  • He made his professional stage debut in 1989 in The Lament for Arthur Cleary.
  • Liam shared a BAFTA award for Best Short Film for crime/drama Pitch Black Heist with actor Michael Fassbender.
  • At the start of 2019, he flew to South Sudan in Africa with the charity World Vision to raise awareness for the ones forced to flee their homes by the result of the civil war.   
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