Kennya Baldwin Bio: Wedding To Stephen Baldwin, Family, Height & Facts

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The world of Information Technology has seen very few women make a prominent place for themselves. Among them, Brazilian-born graphics designer Kennya Baldwin is the one.

Amidst her emerging popularity as an IT professional, Kennya is known among the paparazzi as the wife of a renowned American actor, Stephen Baldwin. Besides, who wouldn’t recognize Kennya through her model daughter, Hailey Baldwin, who married pop-star Justin Bieber in 2018!

Kennya Baldwin Bio: Parents, Education

Born on 24 October 1968, Kennya Baldwin is also known by her birth name, Kennya Deodato. She hails from Brazil and is the daughter of a Grammy award-winning Brazilian composer/pianist, Eumir Deodato. Her mother, Mary Ellen Deodato is not a publicly renowned face.

As of her educational background, Kennya graduated from the York Preparatory School, New York, in 1984. Later on, she joined Parsons School of Design and completed her graphics designing degree.

Career, Net Worth

Kennya, who enjoyed limelight from an early age in shadows of her famed father, found her life take new turns when she moved to the US for her further studies. As soon as she graduated in graphics designing, Kennya kick-started her career as an artist and graphics designer.

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Baldwin has always been passionate about her work and has acquainted huge success out of it. However, the IT professional hasn’t yet baffled her actual earnings in public. For the most part of it, Kennya has benefited largely from the earnings of her movie-star husband. Stephen, who is known for the 1995 cult-classic, The Usual Suspects, has a promising net worth of $500K.

Married Life With Stephen Baldwin

Kennya Baldwin’s life took a new path when she met her future husband, Stephen Baldwin while roaming around the subway in 1987. Immediately, the strangers became attracted to one another and started dating. After the promising three years of dating, the couple decided to walk down the aisle together on 10 June 1990.

Kennya Baldwin shared wedding rings with Stephen Baldwin on 10 June 1990 (Picture Source: Getty Images)

Coming to 2019, Kennya and Stephen have gone past 29 glorious years of their married life. In these long years, the couple shares the same level of affection that they possessed at the very beginning of their relationship. Kennya always prioritizes her husband and Stephen is keen to return the favor. She always stands as a pillar in her husband’s thick and thin.

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Carrying on their blissful together to the greater heights, Kennya and Stephen are proud parents of their two beautiful daughters: Alaia and Hailey. Alaia, the eldest of the two, was born on 24 January 1993 and Hailey came to the world on 22 November 1996.

Kennya Baldwin was seen enjoying blissful family time in 2008 (Picture Source: Dailymail)

Alaia married Andrew Aronow in September 2017. Besides, Hailey, who enjoyed the romantic bliss with famed singer Justin Bieber, shared the wedding rings with the latter in 2018. 

Some Interesting Facts About Kennya Baldwin

  • Though Kennya shared a blissful childhood with her parents, they decided to walk away from one another in the early 2000s.
  • Kennya, alongside her husband, was webbed around controversies in 2013 as Stephen came guilty of defaulting mortgage and income tax payment.
  • Following the incident, Kennya and Stephen had to pay $300K worth. The punishment was for not being able to pay their mortgage of $812,500 loan they took while buying 3,071 square-foot house in 2000.
  • After their eldest daughter, Alaia came to this world, Kennya and her fiancé took Christianity as their main religion.
  • She was once approached by Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio for a date at a London bar. However, she asked him to check with her husband first.
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