Is Kelsey Toussant Dating? Personal & Career Life Insights

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Kelsey Toussant dating or not is the question for many. The artist who is part of The Bachelor is trying her luck and charm to find someone with whom she can share a good companionship and relationship.

This article will first clarify whether Kelsey Toussant is dating or not, followed by insights into her participation in The Bachelor, movies like Barbie, and family life details.

American actress Kelsey Toussant is popular for her role as Miss Universe Jamaica. The character portrayal is from the 2023 blockbuster, Barbie which touched a billion-dollar mark at the box office. 

Is Kelsey Toussant Dating?

When it comes to her personal life, Kelsey keeps a low-key life. There is no such revelation made by the actress to speculate on her likely dating life. Till now, Kelsey has also not been vocal enough to share any clarity of her relationship whether she is likely dating someone or probable singleness. 

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Other than that, the artist has also not been clicked by the paparazzi that would speculate any rumors or speculations of her dating life to be true. Since the information about her actual relationship does not have clarity and is foggy, it is apparent, that she belongs to a reticent personality and is low-key. On the other hand, Kelsey has also been able to safeguard her personal matters and privacy concerns with much dignity and away from the public domain and the pondering media spotlight.

The actress might be possibly dating someone to whom she chose to keep the details, under a wrap. Unlike, she might still be single and likely to find a partner to whom she could be dating and spend the life together.

So, until and unless Kelsey herself makes it official, there should not be any rumors and speculations about her dating life and actual relationship status. 

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Kelsey Toussant in Bachelor

Kelsey is one of the prominent contestants for The Bachelor. The most loved American dating and relationship TV program in its 28th season features 28-year-old teaching tennis pro Joe Graziadel. He resides in Royersford, Pennsylvania, and stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m).

All the contestants along with Kelsey will show their best romantic interest to Joe to claim, both the title and him. The season premiered on 22nd January 2024 and shall end on 26th February 2024. 

Talking about Joe, he was raised by parents Nick and Cathy Graziadel. Besides them, his other family includes two sisters, Ellie and Carl Graziadel. When Joe was in kindergarten, his parents divorced after his father came out as gay. He graduated from Spring-Ford High School in 2013 and then played tennis at West Chester University. It is the same University from which  she earned a degree in communication and media studies in 2017, 

Career Life & Barbie

The love and passion of acting for Kelsey started from an early age. Some of her notable career work credits include Barbie (2013), Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quintumnia (2023), and How I Met Your Father (2022). 

She did the role of Miss Universe Jamaica in the 2023 blockbuster, Barbie took the box office by storm and collected $1.446 billion. Likewise, the movie was made on a budget between $128 to $145 million.

Before that, the US superhero film made on a budget of $275 million, collected $476.1 million at the box office. 

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Kelsey Toussant Bio & Family: Age, Wiki, Parents

As of 2024, Kelsey Toussant is 32 years of age. She was born on 4th January 199 in Inglewood, California. Talking about family comprises parents Mark C. Mooney Sr. and Jackie Arnold-Mooney.

The artist stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m) tall. 

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