Is Daniel Sunjata Married? Personal & Professional Life Facts

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Daniel Sunjata was raised by adoptive parents. Their constant love and support towards the actor from an ealy age made it apparent for him to turn his dream into reality in the acting domain.

This article will shed light on Daniel Sunjata parents and family life facts and also uncover information on whether the actor is married or not. 

American actor Daniel Sunjata is popular for his character portrayal of Franco Rivera in Rescue Me. Besides being part of the popular US comedy-drama series, his acting tenure spans over two decades. 

Is Daniel Sunjata Married? 

Although his fans and followers are quite inquisitive to know his personal life of Daniel, information of the same is still missing from his bio. To which, it is apparent that the actor’s love life and actual relationship status remain a bit of mystery. Daniel is not present on any social media platforms knowing whether is likely married or possibly singleness is merely possible. 

Nevertheless, there were rumours of the actor linking up in the past. The woman’s name is Rosalba Sierra and the two were photographed together at events and on the street for almost two years between 2006 to 2008. In between, they were also the art of the red carpet for Daniel’s play Cyrano de Bergerac in 2007 per wiki

While his real-life romantic history is out of the pondering media spotlight, the character he plays on Echoes is just the opposite. He portrayed the role of Charlie in the 2022 Netflix drama as a hardworking and intelligent therapist with a calm attitude. The actor is married to Gina in the series played by actress Michelle Monaghan sharing passionate love with one another. 

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How Much Is Daniel Sunjata’s Net Worth?

The 50-year-old net worth shimmers at $2 million. Likewise, the credit of his inclining net worth and career graph as a versatile actor is from his acting procession since 1998 per wiki. Some of his noteworthy movies are Christmas Again (2021), Lullaby (2014), At Risk (2010), Noel (2004), and Bad Company (2002).

Moreover, the artist has been seen in prominent TV roles like Echoes (2022), Happy! (2019), 30 Rock (2010), Ed (2003) and D.C. (2000).

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Daniel Sunjata Bio & Family: Wiki, Height, Parents

The actor was born Daniel Sunjata Condon on 30 December 1971 in Evanston, Illinois. He was raised in a suburb north of Chicago. While the information of his biological parents is missing from his bio, his adopted parents are Bill Condon, a police dispatcher and Catherine Condon, a civil rights worker per wiki.

Daniel went to Mount Carmel High School in Chicago. Over there he played linebacker for two state championship football teams. Later he chose Florida A&M University and then the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Some Interesting Facts About Daniel Sunjata

  • Daniel’s adoptive parents are of Italian-German descent. 
  • The actor is named in honour the Mandinka King, Sundiata Keita, founder of the Mali Empire. 
  • His biological mother was a white teenager who had run away from home. 
  • His biological father was African-American. 
  • Daniel has a Master of Fine Arts from the Graduate Acting Program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts,
  • The actor is of African, German and Irish descent. 
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