Meet Darrell Miklos From Lost U-Boats; His Wiki, Family and Married Life

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Darrell Miklos’ late father is the one who taught him to hunt for treasures from a young age. In fact, he was just 18 when he and his father stumbled upon what they believed to be a sunken Nazi U-Boat while diving in the Caribbean.

Darrell Miklos is a treasure hunter with expertise in historical shipwreck recovery. Besides, he is popular as a cast of the History Channel reality TV series, Lost U-Boats of WWII.

Get to know about Darrell Miklos Wikipedia, net worth, age, father, wife, married, parents, ethnicity, height, and other facts.

Darrell Miklos Wikipedia and Bio: Age, Father, Ethnicity, Height

Darrell Miklos, born on February 19, 1963, hails from Laguna Beach, California, United States. At 61 years old, he celebrates his birthday annually on February 19th.

Within a family of four siblings, Darrell grew up alongside his sisters Laurie Miklos and Kelly Miklos, as well as his brother Kim Miklos. His parents, Roger Miklos and Mary Miklos, provided the familial foundation in which Darrell’s upbringing flourished.

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Roger, Darrell’s father, was renowned both as a treasure hunter and a television personality. His career spanned decades, tracing back to the 1970s when he began exploring wreck sites. Prior to delving into treasure hunting, Roger served as a police officer in Reno, Nevada.

Roger’s life journey included two marriages, the first to Mary, with whom he had Darrell and three other children, followed by a second marriage to Sheila. Tragically, Roger passed away on February 19, 2018, succumbing to a heart attack while at a rest area in Iran, marking the end of a remarkable legacy.

Darrell attained his high school diploma from Laguna Beach High School in 1981. His upbringing and familial ties, coupled with his father’s adventurous spirit, likely influenced his own pursuits and endeavors.

With American nationality, Darrell has white ethnicity. He stands tall at a height of 6 feet.

Darrell Miklos Job and Net Worth

Darrell is renowned for his appearances on the History TV reality series, Lost U-Boats of WWII. This captivating documentary, launched in 2024, follows Darrell as he embarks on quests to uncover lost U-Boats, unraveling mysteries surrounding their cargo, destinations, and motivations.


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In addition to his involvement in Lost U-Boats of WWII, Darrell has been a fixture on another documentary-adventure series titled Cooper’s Treasure since 2017. This show chronicles his endeavors to locate shipwrecks initially pinpointed by astronaut Gordon Cooper during his space missions in 1963.

Beyond his television endeavors, Darrell holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Gemini Marine Exploration, a company specializing in historical shipwreck recovery.

Thanks to his commanding professional career, Darrell manages a handy net worth in excess of $1 million.

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Darrell Miklos Married Life: Who Is His Wife?

Darrell maintains a private approach to his personal life on social media platforms, opting to keep his romantic relationships out of the public eye. Nevertheless, according to sources on Wiki, he has been joyfully married to his beloved wife since the year 2000.

The details regarding Darrell’s spouse have been kept under wraps thus far. However, it is disclosed that the couple commemorates their wedding anniversary on the 10th of November each year.

Furthermore, Darrell and his spouse take pride in their roles as parents to two daughters. Among them, one daughter is named Leilani Miklos, who exhibits a keen interest in sketching and drawing.

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