Who Is Claire Liz Phillips Husband? Career & Personal Life

Published Date: 31 Dec, 2023 Updated date: 31 Dec, 2023 By Lucifer

Claire Liz Phillips and her husband got engaged on the new Year eve of 2020. Almost one and a half later, the adorable duo decided to exchange their wedding vows in the mid of 2021. 

This article firstly sheds light on Claire Liz Phillips and her husband’s engagement and wedding details followed by career life and insights about family as well.

American actress and dancer Claire Liz Phillips recent popularity has been from Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire. She portrayed the role of Reaper in the stunning Netflix sci-fi genre which is about to release its second installment in 2024. 

Who Is Claire Liz Phillips Husband?

Claire husband’s name is Scott Dunn. While the details of her husband likely profession is kept hidden from bio. There are many pictures of the adorable two traveling together and with friends and family members.

However, there has been no instances about his work track. It looks even more apparent that Claire’s husband is a reticent personal citing his career aspiration and current job title.

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More on Engagement & Wedding

After knowing each other for quite some years, Claire and Scott decided to get engaged on 31st December 2019. The actress took her IG handle to officially break the news of the engagement. Claire shared the overwhelmess of her and her husband to-be to receive the outpouring love. The artist clarified that all the love and wishes coming their way meant the world to them. 

After the engagement, Claire and her husband to-be arrived at their home in Los Angeles. Upon a long two day drive to home, the adorable duo were surprised for the engagement part thrown by the friends. Claire even credited her close friend Colleen and Kelsey to make it happen. 

Almost one and half years later from engagement, Claire and her husband-to-be decided to stay together for the rest of the life. The wedding vows between the two was exchanged on 11th June 2021. Only close friends and family members were part of the grand wedding. 

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Claire is more than thankful and feels fortunate to have Scott as her husband. The immense love and unwavering support the two have both professional and personally on how love can be so effortless and magic. Claire and her husband will mark their three years of wedding anniversary in mid-2024. 

Claire Liz Phillips Career Life

The artist is an actress, singer and a dancer. As per IMDb, Claire grew up primarily on the stafe performing from a young age in professional theatre productions in Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma. She almost left acting over dancing but instead chose to attend a university and began combat training in Toronto. It was with the Fight Directors of Canada. 

Some of her notable work credits include Rebel Moon: Part One- A Child of Fire (2023), 9 Bullets (2022), Love in Moreno Valley (2019), A Girl Is a Gun (2018) and, My Name Is Karma (2014) to name a few.

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Claire Liz Phillips Bio & Family: Birthday, Parents & Height

Claire Liz Phillips celebrates her birthday on 5th March. She was born in the year 1990 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Talking about her family comprised of her parents and a younger sibling. While there are multiple post of Claire with her family members, their names are hidden from her bio. Talking about her parents profession, her father is an engineer and her mother is an interior designer. 

Sadly, Claire grandmother is no more which she expressed in one of her IG post on 30th October, 2018. The actress cites her late grandmother to be a snow white in human form and never seen anyone who loved animals more. Even the smallest thing brough her grandmother so much joy, which was one unique thing to always remember her. Her grandmother had a long journey with Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson. 

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