Christian Bale Concludes 10 Years Family Feud!

Published Date: 13 Feb, 2019 Updated date: 13 Feb, 2019 By Celebs Podium

Christian Bale has had a family feud in the past. The Dark Knight actor was blamed for accusing his mother and sister in an eleven-year-old hotel argument feud that also involved his wife, Sibi Blažić is maintaining a smooth relationship now.

Born as Christian Charles Philip Bale, the artist with dual American and British citizenship is best to reckon for his character of Bruce Wayne in the 2008 blockbuster, The Dark Knight. The prolific actor is also the 76th Golden Globe recipient for his role of Dick Cheney in the 2018 American biographical comedy-drama, Vice.

Christian has reconciled a ten-year long family feud that involved his mother, Jenny, and sister, Sharon. The actor reportedly accused his mom and sibling at The Dorchester hotel, a few hours before the premiere of his film, The Dark Knight. The family row took an ugly turn after over Christian’s significant other, Sibi. Reportedly, his sister lashed out on her brother for pushing their mother in a heated argument over his wife.

The cops took Bale into custody on 22 July 2008 for more than four hours and released on bail. However, there was not enough evidence to prove him guilty.

Six years later in 2014, Jenny admits of daily phone calls and emails sent to the actor on his 40th birthday. She also added,

“It would be lovely if we could meet up. The ball is in his court. : “Six years is long enough. It’s sad for me. It’s sad for him, too

Well, for now, everything in the family seems normal. The celebrity mother on her February 2019 interview for Mirror admitted,

“Yes, we are talking. I know Christian is in London.”

Christian Bale’s Bio & Family; Parents Separated Ways

Born on 30 January 1974, Christian Bale spent most of his early childhood days in Haverfordwest, United Kingdom. His late father David Bale; a former entrepreneur and a circus performer, Jenny (née James) raised him and his sisters, Erin Bale; a musician, Sharon Bale; a computer professional and director/actress, Newsies Bale.

Their parents parted ways in 1991 and nine years later, their late father second nuptial with feminist Gloria Steinem took place in 2000. Four years later, Sr. Bale lost his life battle with brain lymphoma in 2004.

Career & Net Worth

Christian proudly own colossal net worth of $80 million from his thirty years plus acting career since 1982. His significant fortune is bestowing by his superb and commercial movie credentials including The Dark Knight (2008) and its sequel The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The second installment of the Batman franchise made on a production cost between $250 to $300 took the box office by storm and collected $1.085 billion.

Christian with the prolific actor, Morgan Freeman in The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 (Picture Source: IMDb)

Talking about his early start, Christian debut came in the 1986 television film, Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.

Former Model Wife Accompanies Christian On His Award-Winning Night!

Just like his enriching professional duties, Christian is equally blessed to have Sandra “Sibi” Blažić as his life partner. Sandra is a former model and a makeup artist and personal secretary of the actress, Winona Ryder. Seen in many award nights and public events, the 48-year-old lady also accompanied her beau during his 2019 Golden Globe award-winning moment.

Christian with wife, Sandra at the 2019 red carpet of Golden Globe Award (Picture Source: E!Online)

Speaking of their children, the pair welcomed their child as a daughter named Emmaline in 2005. Nine years apart, they delivered their second child as a son, Joseph in 2014.

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