Actor Pablo Lyle Punch Leaves A Man Unconscious To Death

Published Date: 05 Apr, 2019 Updated date: 05 Apr, 2019 By Celebs Podium

Pablo Lyle, the actor of age 32, is under police custody from 31 March 2019. He is taken into the prison from punching an old man to death in a provoked road rage incident.

Pablo Lyle is blamed for punching 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez, who was left with multiple injuries. According to the police report, the incident took place on the Dolphin, and four days later on 4 April 2019, Juan is declared dead by Jackson Memorial Hospital Express. Juan family said that he was left unconscious from an internal hemorrhage to severe brain injury.

As the actor is already taken into custody from the Miami International Airport, he is charged with assault and a $5,000 bond and ban to travel to Mexico. During Pablo’s statement to the police, he was alarmed for protecting his life and his six-year-old son Mauro Lyle.

Well, the police investigation on Pablo is still proceeding after the sad occurrence.

Career & Net Worth

The 32-year-old has garnered a huge net worth of $18 million through acting since 2006. Some of the credentials of his earnings are from his lead role as Rodrigo Villavicencio in the 2017 Mexican telenovela, Mi adorable maldición.

Some of his other telenovelas are La sombra del pasado (2014), Cachito de cielo (2012) and Verano de amor (2009) to name a few.

Pablo’s Longtime-Girlfriend Turned Wife

The actor has a caring friend as a form of a wife named Ana Araujo. The couple was dating partners until they went to tie nuptials on 28 December 2014 in his Mazatlan, Sinaloa hometown. A close group of friends and near family members were present at the wedding where the baptism of their son, Mauro was also done.

Pablo Lyle with wife Ana on 11 March 2019 (Picture: Pablo’s Instagram)

According to Ana’s IG handle, she is the founder of healthy liquids named Lyfe Bar. She is also a health coach and enjoys blogging in her spare time.

Pablo Lyle Bio & Family

The Mexican actor was born on 18 November 1986 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa as Pablo Daniel Lyle López. He went to a Catholic school in his hometown then graduated from commencing a proper modeling career. The artist stands at the height of 6 feet (1.83 m ) with appropriate body weight. Pablo has always chosen to remain low-key about his family.

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