Why Should You Always Use the Latest Version of WordPress?

Published Date: 12 Apr, 2020 Updated date: 12 Apr, 2020 By Celebs Podium

In the evolving period of websites, WordPress is taking over as the top Content Management System (CMS) which assists creating a beautiful website. Eventually, WordPress has successfully taken control of more than 28% of the entire internet.

Moreover, when it comes to blogging, WordPress is the prominent platform that serves as a home for millions of websites. However, with the increased popularity, the platform becomes more prone to data theft and malicious threats—the web-intruders are keen to breach the security with their ill intention.

Basically, the older versions of WordPress unveil the lack of capability to dodge the incoming attacks from the hackers. To somehow eradicate these situations, the WordPress developers keep themselves busy in updating the platform and improving its sustainability and security.

In the previous article, we talked about the steps to start a new WordPress website. Here, we will discuss the benefits of keeping up with the latest version of WordPress. So hold yourself tight for the enjoyable informative ride!

1. Security


As WordPress has span out as an attractive platform for the users, at the same time, it is the place for the hackers to carry on their wrong deeds. Moreover, the open-source nature of WordPress tempts the intruders to have access to its code.

Being wary of the situation, the developers keep on trying to improve the security with the updates they launch. As the new update takes over, the older versions are more prone to the attacks. So it is a wise choice to update to stay away from the potential breaches.

While updating, it is also a necessity to update the themes and plugins as the hackers exploit the vulnerabilities of the older themes and plugins as well.

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2. Speed And Performance


Besides security, the other primary reason to use the latest version of WordPress is for speed and unceasing performance. So does the new update operate more reliably than the old one? Every time!

According to the survey, 40% of people escape a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. The reason is quite simple- a lack of new updates!

To avoid such constraints, WordPress developers give their cent percent to keep up with the efficiency of the websites. With the new release of WordPress, the website load time gets boosted which directly improves its performance. More than that, increased efficiency leads to improved result according to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3. Added Features


The fun of using any software- with every new update, there is a room for new cool features.

Each release of WordPress brings some changes to the software. In general, the newly added features improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the software by any means. For instance, WordPress 4.0 came with an improved plugin install experience; WordPress 4.1 introduced a new form of inline image editing. Similarly, the 4.2 came with faster plugin updates.

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4. Eliminate Bugs And Issues


As discussed before, the older the version, the higher the risk for outside attacks. The intruders can easily input viruses on the least-protected websites in the hopes of cracking out the information. To avoid such a scenario, the new and effective update becomes a prominent necessity.

Even after putting a lot of effort by the WordPress developers, there are chances of bugs hindering the security of the old-version website. However, with the latest updates, WordPress becomes secured with the bug fixing mechanism.

5. Compatibility


With every WordPress release, a majority of the theme and plugin developers try to coordinate their updates with the latest version. This helps them to take full advantage of the newly available features and enhancements.

However, in some cases, an update can efficiently disseminate the existing WordPress plugins if they weren’t following the best coding standards. Therefore, it is crucial to take the backup of the site before enforcing the modifications.

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Whether it be via email notifications or auto-update feature, it is a fundamental task to keep up with the latest version of WordPress. As a result, the users have the leverage to enjoy security enhancements, fast and reliable performance, cool new tools and features, a bug-free website, and better compatibility. If not in the mood for the update, the prying eyes of the intruders are there to get access to the outdated software.

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