What Do Celebrities Look For in a House?

Published Date: 17 May, 2022 Updated date: 17 May, 2022 By Phil

There is nothing more important than our home. That is also true for celebrities, who find peace of mind, once they finally can spend time inside their house.

Celebrities choose it with care, considering a wide variety of characteristics that are important to them. In this article, we will look at a few.

Let the Sunshine In

You may be surprised to find this element as the first headline of our article, but celebrities tend to spend a lot of time indoors, in studios. The lack of sunlight is something they greatly suffer from. And so, when they get home, they want to benefit from sun rays, as much as they can. That is why, if you ever get the chance to visit a celebrity’s house, you will find lots of glass panes, from floor to ceiling. System aluminium windows are not rare, in these homes, as they can easily fit whichever type of wall and be built in almost any size you can think of.

The goal is often to link the house to the garden, through foldable full aluminum glass doors, which can open up completely during nice days, to let in the fresh air, as well as the sun rays. There will be large bay windows in many rooms, as well. Sunshine is of utmost importance in our lives, and artists that don’t benefit from it, crave it.

Keep Curious Eyes Away

Privacy is another thing that they look for, as a priority. Although they get their fame and money by being seen, the last thing they want when they are at home is to have people still looking at them. It usually translates into tall walls built all around the property. There will also be large trees around the house itself and the garden as well, so they can enjoy their private life fully. They sometimes also place a guard at the entrance and don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money on security systems, including cameras that survey the whole perimeter.

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A Safe and Cozy Location

Celebrities usually like to hang around other celebrities. This is why you will often find them grouped in a given area, such as in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles. It also provides them more safety, as every house is well protected. But they also look for the most searched locations in the world, which is why New York City certainly is the home of many celebs. They usually look to buy in Midtown Manhattan or around Broadway. But it is also true of international towns, such as London and Paris, where celebrities buy themselves what they call a pied-à-terre.

The Bigger the Better

If you are the one that cleans your house, you may think: “Why in the world would you like to own a large house?” Well, if you are not the one taking care of it, it can be really nice to be able to live in a home where you have a room that acts as a cinema or one that is a massage parlor. Anything you can think of, you can have. Want a playroom with a pool table? A bunch of private rooms for your friends? Well, it is also what celebrities want.

The other reason is that they look to impress their guests. All of them want to have the longest dining table, the widest pool, and their own studio inside the house… The more extravagant it gets, the happier they feel. Sports celebrities often have a full gym inside their home. It is sometimes completed with a football field in their garden, as well.

A House that can Entertain Friends and Family

Sometimes, celebrities like to hit the wild pools of Las Vegas hotels. But most of the time, they prefer to have their friends and family come over to enjoy the one they own. Therefore, it has to be really big and full of toys for the kids and grown-ups as well. A water-polo net or one to play volley in the pool is certainly a must. But they also want the sound system, so they can throw the wildest parties that will start under the sun, only to finish under the stars. Entertainment should also be found inside the house. A bowling lane, a few machines from the arcade, and a cinema (as we mentioned before) are certainly part of normal celebrities’ homes.

But celebrities also like to relax. They are probably most happy when they can just sleep till noon. That is why they look for king-size beds, with the most comfortable mattresses available.

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