Tips to Select a Delicious Craft Beer

Published Date: 05 Nov, 2022 Updated date: 07 Dec, 2022 By Phil

Vancouver is not only known for its scenic beauty, but it has an amazing beer and brewery culture in the city. A good beer is in trend whenever you want to celebrate any occasion.

Vancouver is not only known for its scenic beauty, but it has an amazing beer and brewery culture in the city. A good beer is in trend whenever you want to celebrate any occasion. However, with the introduction of craft beer, there have been significant changes in how people consume their favourite beers. Craft beers had the largest one-year growth in Vancouver in 2019, followed by an increase in sales through the years.

Nowadays, even the classiest restaurants offer craft brews, different pairings, and options. Thus, drinking your favourite brew is no longer limited to your back porch but has become a tremendously enjoyable activity. This is why many breweries have also come up in the recent past. In Vancouver only, there have been 0.8 breweries per 100,000 people. The sales volume of beer in the Canadian province of British Columbia reached approximately 269.81 million litres in the fiscal year ending in 2022.

However, not everyone instantly likes the taste of brewed craft beer. Thus, many new breweries are coming up with new styles which you can try as per your taste buds and convenience. Now, how can you select a delicious craft beer vancouver? Well, here are some relevant tips for choosing a tasty craft beer.

Get a Beer Menu

As per experts, if you walk straight into a bar and ask what is a good beer on their menu, you are bound to fail. Since the serving staff members are usually busy, they would recommend the first beer that comes to your mind.

Thus, preparing a list of beers you liked on your previous visit to the bar is advisable. Also, make sure to take more than one sip while trying a new beer. The reason is that flavours and aromas in a bar can be simply tempting. So, take your time and then only add it to your beer list.

Enjoy Your Beer at the Correct Temperatures

There are over 40 breweries in Vancouver, and they all recommend tasting a beer at the right temperature. It is a myth that you should have a beer when it is chilling. However, this is incorrect, as too much cold sensation hampers your tongue’s taste receptors.

In fact, as per experts, beers taste best when they are served just chilled in the right way.

Talk To Your Bartender

As per beer-tasting experts in Vancouver, the best person to help you select the best is your bartender, not the wait staff. The knowledge and enthusiasm of a bartender when talking about beers help you judge the quality of the bar.

Also, a bartender would be the right person to help if you are a newbie in craft beer tasting. Do not be shy about making this fact clear to the bartender. The reason is that a bartender’s taste is quite elaborate, and their personal preference could be too complex for a newbie.

Do Not Wear Perfumes or Colognes

Another piece of advice from experts in beerin Vancouveris not to wear perfume or cologne while tasting. The reason is that solid smells are bound to interfere immensely with the beer’s scent. It is a piece of significant advice offered by experts working at the first Canadian craft brewer, which opened in Vancouver in 1982.

This influence is more significant when concerned about craft beers with light fragrances and flavours. Thus, it is advisable to maintain an odourless environment while tasting a craft beer.

Take Your Friends Along

A single person cannot taste all the craft beers in a bar. Thus, it would be better to take your friends along so that you can cover twice as many beer flavours. Also, you get to experiment more with the different flavours when more people are involved in the tasting process.

Final Words

Walk into any bar nowadays; the only thing that seems apparent is the massive nature of beer selections. With so many flavours available, many people prefer to go with their usual beer. However, trying the right kind of new craft beer is an art that you can master slowly and steadily. The need remains to follow some relevant tips given by experts for choosing the right craft beer.

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