The Best Celebrity Spokespeople for Betting Sites in 2023

Published Date: 09 Jun, 2023 Updated date: 09 Jun, 2023 By Phil

In the ever-growing and competitive field of online betting, celebrity endorsements have become a cornerstone of marketing strategies for many of the world’s best betting sites.

In the ever-growing and competitive field of online betting, celebrity endorsements have become a cornerstone of marketing strategies for many of the world’s best betting sites. These endorsements serve as a means of creating a more recognizable and influential brand image. This article discusses some of the most renowned celebrities who have effectively turned the spotlight on to betting houses in 2023.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Regarded as the “King of Ads,” Cristiano Ronaldo has effectively leveraged his popularity to secure lucrative endorsements. A testament to his entrepreneurial acumen was seen in 2015 when he signed an agreement with Poker Stars to serve as the company’s global ambassador. A poker enthusiast, Ronaldo has long enjoyed the thrill of the game and successfully channeled this passion into a profitable sponsorship deal.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s enduring fame continues to prove beneficial for various online entertainment activities, including beginner-friendly casino games. Since 2016, she has consistently attracted a steady influx of female customers to the online gaming industry, demonstrating the value of her association and influence.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion of the world, has been creating waves in the business world after hanging up his gloves. His recent one-year sponsorship deal as the spokesperson for Parimatch sports house across Cyprus and the Commonwealth of Independent States illustrates his significant endorsement potential.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, the world-renowned rapper, took the endorsement game to a new level by becoming the face of MaximBet, a betting venture of Maxim magazine. Beyond her role as a global spokesperson, Minaj has diversified her involvement to include special advisory roles and an investment stake in the Carousel Group. Her collaboration with MaximBet’s gaming division further solidifies her multifaceted relationship with the company.

Conor McGregor


Former UFC double-weight world champion Conor McGregor’s collaboration with Parimatch was a marketing coup. The commercial featuring McGregor created such an impact that it had to be seen to be believed. His appointment as the brand ambassador was announced by the company’s CEO, Sergey Portnov, who likened McGregor’s relentless pursuit of uniqueness to Parimatch’s ambition to stand out in the betting world.


A football legend and fan favorite, Neymar Jr’s collaboration with PokerStars has been a strategic move for the company. Apart from sharing their partnership on his social media channels, Neymar also competes in live poker tournaments against some of the world’s most prominent players, further strengthening the association between him and the brand.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, renowned for managing elite clubs like Porto, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, joined forces with Paddy Power. His appointment coincided with the launch of the “Don’t believe you’re exceptional” campaign, focusing on safer gambling themes in TV and radio commercials. Though the move was criticized by some, it highlights the new direction that betting sites are taking to promote responsible gambling.


In addition to being a successful rapper, Drake is known for his love of gambling. In December 2021, he reportedly wagered over a million dollars on the Stake corporation, sparking rumors about a potential collaboration. Later, an Instagram post from both parties confirmed their partnership, indicating Drake’s intentions to use this partnership to enhance the Stake platform and distribute his winnings in alignment with his philanthropic endeavors.

What Does The Inclusion of Celebrity Spokespeople Mean for The Gaming & Betting Industry?

The strategic incorporation of celebrity spokespeople in the gaming and betting industry signifies a substantial evolution in marketing trends. These figures lend a sense of familiarity and credibility to the brands they endorse, thus influencing consumer behavior and perceptions.

Celebrities like Ronaldo, Hilton, Tyson, Minaj, McGregor, Neymar, Mourinho, and Drake, each bring with them a distinct persona and a massive fan following. Their endorsement helps betting sites engage with a broader audience and tap into various demographic segments. For instance, Paris Hilton’s association attracts a surge of female customers, while Neymar’s partnership with PokerStars appeals to the football enthusiasts.

In an industry often clouded with skepticism, celebrity endorsements can infuse a level of trust and reliability. They act as effective tools for customer reassurance, as fans often attribute a celebrity’s personal attributes, like trustworthiness and credibility, to the brands they endorse. Consequently, these associations play a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s image, bolstering its market position, and improving overall customer engagement and satisfaction.

Furthermore, these partnerships are not confined to mere promotional activities. Nicki Minaj’s involvement as a special adviser and investor with MaximBet highlights an emerging trend of celebrities transitioning into multifaceted roles, thus contributing to strategic decision-making processes. Similarly, Drake’s collaboration with Stake showcases celebrities’ potential to bring in innovation and fresh perspectives to the industry.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the inclusion of celebrity spokespeople is a testament to the gaming and betting industry’s dynamic nature. It demonstrates the industry’s willingness to adapt and innovate to enhance brand recognition, customer engagement, and market growth. As these trends continue to evolve, it will be fascinating to observe the future trajectories of celebrity endorsements in the betting industry.

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