Remarkable Job Opportunities Supported by Microsoft AI-900 Certification Exam

Published Date: 17 May, 2022 Updated date: 17 May, 2022 By Phil

Are you aiming to accomplish the AZ-104 Practice and earn its Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals certification? If yes, then you are on the right track!

This technical pursuit is one of the most noteworthy paths in the Microsoft program that campaigns for data professionals and Azure specialists around the world. The exam itself gives you the opportunity to validate your proficiency in machine learning, along with the core concepts associated with artificial intelligence. Additionally, it highlights the elements of natural language processing and computer vision workloads on an Azure setup.

Because of its extensive coverage focusing on ML, AI, and AZ-500 Practicesolutions in general, these largely support many job roles in the IT domain. Below are the primary job roles that highly benefit from the exam and its related certification.

Data engineers – $93,272 / year (PayScale)

From building systems to managing raw data, these professionals are relevant in making data easily accessible for all key employees. Data engineers are ultimately tasked to ensure that data are reachable so the organization can see and evaluate pertinent information. Because of their responsibilities, it’s important for them to have skills in working with tools involved in the database, ingestion, mining warehousing, and AZ-900 Practice. Adeptness in machine learning is also a vital aspect of effectively transforming data and further optimizing business performances.

Data scientist – $97,318 / year (PayScale)

On the other hand, data scientists are given the responsibility to utilize data extensively to identify problems within the system and create solutions that are significant for decision making. With their knowledge of handling data, they can easily build algorithms and design experiments that are needed by their colleagues and the organization as a whole. To effectively manage their role, MD-100 Practice should have in-depth programming, statistical, and analytical skills to gather, evaluate, and interpret data sets.

AI engineers – $164,769 /year (ZipRecruiter)

Artificial intelligence engineers are assigned to develop and program complex algorithms that are pivotal in the construction of AI. They relentlessly work with different machine learning techniques such as NLP, neural networks, decision trees, and the like to generate substantial models that run various AI-based systems and applications. Their relevant developments help in improving process efficiency as well as business performance. To ensure competency in work, AI engineers must be adroit in analytics, statistics, algorithms, applied mathematics, and cloud, among others.

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Azure developers – $138,264 /year (ZipRecruiter)

Programming, MS-100 Practice, and back-end software deployment ― these are just the main tasks given to an Azure developer. These professionals are pertinent in an organization as they are the ones who create cloud-based applications using different programming languages. They are also highly skilled in dealing with codes, frameworks, and security.


Every learning journey is different. But whatever job role you have, there are significant tips to help you stand out in the competition and make your skills more recognized. Through the AZ-400 Practice, you get the chance to demonstrate your technical skillset in Azure and even become a professional that is worthy of emulation. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with exam preparation and earn the Azure AI Fundamentals certification in no time!

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