Not Only Drake – Celebs That Endorse Online Gaming

Published Date: 08 Jun, 2022 Updated date: 08 Jun, 2022 By Phil

Sensational rapper Aubrey Graham, popularly known as Drake, is hitting the headlines with his investment in the online gaming scene. Aside from partnering with Scooter Braun to garner shares as co-owners of the esports organization 100 thieves, Drake also gambles regularly.

Sensational rapper Aubrey Graham, popularly known as Drake, is hitting the headlines with his investment in the online gaming scene. Aside from partnering with Scooter Braun to garner shares as co-owners of the esports organization 100 thieves, Drake also gambles regularly.

Even though Aubrey is taking the lead in this niche, other celebrities are chasing right behind him as investors, active brand endorsers, and outright wager fanatics.

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Mark Cuban

Known for his invaluable input on Shark Tank, Mark Cuba is heavily invested in the online gaming industry. He is the owner of the NBA team Maverick, Dallas. The entity has an online gaming platform, Mavs Gaming, launched in 2018.

The online gaming platform offers an all-around gaming experience by availing NBA2K22, video games, and rocket league 2K22, among other gaming opportunities.

Mark also has a healthy share in the online gaming company Unikrn. The gambling site announced its intention to raise $100 million in venture funding for its ICO cryptocurrency.

Mark took the chance and pumped a whopping $7 million into the investment, giving him stakes in the company. Mark Cuban Companies also owns shares in famous esports giants sports radar and underdog fantasy.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player of all time. And even though he has retired from the game, his interest in egaming is becoming evident. Together with other investors, the hall of fame player injected $26 million into a start-up company, aXiomatic gaming.

Axiomatic takes a different approach from other gaming investors since it aims to offer industry insight and financial help to start-up gambling sites. Axiomatic partners with leading gaming providers like Epic Games, Niantic, Team Liquid, Dapper Labs, Nifty Games, Mobalytics, and AOE Creative.

This move allows the gaming giant to have eyes on the ground, aiding in gaining the latest intel in the industry, essential for its success.

Jordan Clarkson

The universal basketball star is making extra bucks thanks to his partnership with Esports Technologies to create awareness about the company’s services. The emerging betting site offers gambling insight to bettors across the globe.

Live sports gambling is the main focus, but the entity is working on creating predictive gaming technologies to gain more leverage on the betting community.

Of course, the young basketball player is thrilled to work with Esports Technologies because of the money. However, his principal motivation for jumping into this partnership is the company’s involvement in providing impactful change to esports and wagering in general.

Ariel Powers

One of the most notable influencers in the gaming realm is Ariel Powers. The women’s NBA champion recently partnered with Team Liquid as their primary brand ambassador.

Team liquid is a globally renowned gaming organization enabling e-gamers to participate in numerous competitions. It’s also an entity known for supporting gaming talent.

Miss Powers joined Team Liquid as an influencer in 2021 and demystified myths surrounding the gaming niche, especially regarding male dominance in the industry. In her words, the relationship with TL continues to grow thanks to their shared values and ambition.

The WNBA championships small guard has also bagged a partnership deal with HyperX, a globally respected company that produces gaming accessories.

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Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo is among the most celebrated soccer players. He’s played in top clubs like Real Madrid, Juventas, and Manchester United and scored more than 800 goals since his career’s onset.

With such a spectacular track record, it was only obvious that one of the leading gambling sites would offer him a chance to be its brand ambassador.

His partnership with Pokerstars was mainly because of his passion for the game. The respected soccer player worked with this gaming site to promote their online activities and major live tournaments in Brazil.

Imagine Dragons

Renowned singers Imagine Dragons also join the list of celebrities endorsing online gaming. The rock band took a chance at investing in the volatile internet gaming industry by eking a partnership with REKT global.

The team’s debut in the e-gaming scene was in 2014 when they performed their song “Warriors” for the league of legend championship opening. Daniel and Wayne, two boy band members, are avid gamers, which explains the bands’ unquenchable interest in investing and participating in e-sports.

Michael B Jordan

Wakanda’s prince, Michale B Jordan, has also scooped a share in the gaming industry. The renowned actor is an avid call of duty player who enjoys participating in Andbox’s games and tournaments.

The New Yorker’s investment in Andbox stemmed from the company’s ability to capture the essence of New York. Andbox seems to care about the NY culture, so why not invest in it?

Jenifer Lopez

J.LO joined the e-gaming industry after partnering with NRG, an online gaming company with leverage over several talented gamers and sports teams. The company owns and operates professional players or teams and offers live gaming possibilities and streaming services to the gaming community.

Jenifer Lopez injected $15 million into the company and got a seat at the shareholders’ table. The singer has joined other celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal in securing a spot at the high table in NRG’s team.

Post Malone

Gaming isn’t a foreign concept to Malone, who grew up in Texas. As a young lad, he enjoyed gaming a lot, so the decision to pick up an ownership role in the gaming company Envy Gaming was a perfect fit for him.

Aside from co-owning a gaming company, Malone has also been a brand ambassador for HyperX, a hardware company that provides top-notch game accessories to the e-gaming community.

Will Smith

Aside from acting, Will Smith actively participates in business opportunities such as investing in e-gaming companies. When Gen.G was struggling and sourcing funds to keep it running, it announced the need to get funding from the public.

Will was among the members that grabbed the chance to join mainstream internet gaming. And while he couldn’t raise the whole amount alone, other household names jumped into this wagon for a chance to contribute to e-gaming.

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