Mistakes That Spoil A Living Room Design

Published Date: 12 May, 2021 Updated date: 12 May, 2021 By Phil

To have a beautiful living room, certain decoration mistakes should be avoided. One usually just takes care, for example, not to have too many overlapping patterns, colors, or materials, to say stop to an overloaded space, and so on.

In order to get it all right, you just have to find the happy medium: a pattern here, different textures there, a colored section of a wall. Remember to also take the measurements well before going on a shopping session.

During this stage, one usually thinks of key furniture, such as the sofa, TV stand, coffee table, but also storage, such as shelves and bookcases. Then, there comes the time to decide on room brightness during the dark time of the day, ‘cause there’s nothing worse than a too dark living room! 

More On Room Brightness

Wall lights, pendant lights, light garlands. It’s up to you to create a soft and cozy atmosphere thanks to the different lighting sources. Consider also installing light-colored curtains to allow light to enter more easily. Pay attention to the orientation of the furniture: set up your sofa according to the views and avoid placing it in the middle of a passage. If your living room is large enough, the sofa can act as a partition and therefore separate the space. Finally, think about the decor! Personalize your living room by adding cushions on the sofa, keepsakes, and frames on the shelves, vases on the coffee table.


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Avoid the total white look or the 100% dark shades! Clay, terracotta, beige, brown – earthy shades are the trend for 2021. Moreover, you can bet on softer colors such as pink and pastel blue shades, khaki, sage green, and fir green. Adopt them without hesitation in your decorative objects or on your home’s walls, in order to bring both character and a chic atmosphere. However (and this applies to all shades), do not overuse. Bright, unusual paint on a section of the wall is enough to give a breath of freshness and new decor to the living room!

Mistakes To Avoid On Your Living Room

Now let’s take a look at our list of mistakes to never be present in your living room:

  • A catalog-looking living room – if you like decoration, do not fall into the obsession by recreating a catalog page in your living room, you risk setting up a too cold space. 
  • Too disproportionate – it is important to choose the furniture of similar sizes, in order to create a harmonious interior setting. If the coffee table is larger than the sofa, the result will most likely not be successful.
  • Too gloomy – if you choose dark colors, be careful not to overdo them, because they tend to plunge the room into a sad and depressing atmosphere.
  • Installing too much furniture – whether the living room is small or large, you have to succeed in remaining reasonable and not adding up too much furniture, so as not to overload the space.
  • Bazaar look – for a pleasant and equilibrated living room, storage is essential! So no heaps of stuff all over the place.
  • Empty vases – a very sad element in decoration. So add some plants, branches, or foliage to give them life. You can even find some fake ones, that don’t need water and other care.
  • Too much white- in the living room, white should not be abused. Indeed, when all the walls are white, space loses its charm and seems cold.
  • Too little light – a poorly lit living room will look dark and depressing. Play with mirrors, light fixtures, and wall colors to have a bright living room. Multiply the light sources with lamps, garlands, ceiling lights, which will help create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Few accessories – find a middle ground: neither too much decoration nor not enough.
  • Forgetting the windows – the windows in the living room must be decorated in order to become an element of decor. When these are forgotten, the whole place looks unfinished. Dress the window sills with plants, paint them an interesting color, and add some beautiful curtains.
  • Opting for a rug that is too small – a carpet helps structure the space of any room. If you choose it too small, you risk creating a stuffy and unfriendly atmosphere. Remember: the rug should never be smaller than the sofa.
  • Leaving the walls empty – the living room walls are a space to use. They dress the room and sublimate it. To do this, opt for posters, wallpaper, frames, photos, and other hangable decors.
  • Putting the TV in a corner – if it is used often, it is best to place the TV in the center of the living room so that it can be viewed by all. Be careful not to position it facing a window, because of the risk of being dazzled and not seeing anything.
  • Leaving the wrong space between the sofa and the coffee table – you have to leave enough space so that you can move around without bumping into each other. If you are short on space in this room, choose a smaller coffee table model. For a great range of nicely priced items like this, feel free to access the nyfurnitureoutlets.com catalog and shop for the one and only, perfect for your home.
  • Forgetting the storage – to fight against the everyday mess, don’t forget the storage space in the living room: shelves, TV cabinets, consoles with drawers, and so on.
  • Multiplying patterns – do not overuse too many patterns so as not to overload the room. Try to find two or three patterns to tone down the neutral trend, but no more.
  • Having a too tidy living room – poorly stored things can often make the room look too small. But that’s no reason for the living room to appear cold and stoic. Be spontaneous: accumulate a stack of beautiful books on the floor and pull out your best throws to create a beautiful organized mess!
  • Not using all the empty spaces – spaces under the stairs, above the doors, under the sofa: do not neglect them! You can store some accessories, shoes or even cram a pouffe!
  • Painting the ceiling – if you paint the living room ceiling in anything else except white, it may overwhelm the room. It could even make it worse if you don’t have a high ceiling!

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To Sum Up

Phew, that was a long list! Nevertheless, all these details are quite important for a harmonious and stylish living room, where you could gather guests or family members at a festive dinner.

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