Say Goodbye To Kidney Stones With This Remedy

Published Date: 15 Dec, 2019 Updated date: 15 Dec, 2019 By Celebs Podium

Kidney stones are one of the most common diseases of the urinary tract, but you don’t have to worry because there are many effective natural remedies to get rid of kidney stones.

The symptoms of Kidney Stones are sudden lumbar pain. The stones can block the urethra, which leads to high temperature and urination pain. Figs are effective in getting rid of kidney stones.

Kidney Stones starts with Figs to generate heat and are digested very quickly. They are also known as a cough remedy. If eat figs on an empty stomach with almonds and walnuts it’s the equivalent of a full meal.

Some of the several figs properties of Kidney Stones are:

  • It is good for both women and for nursing mothers.
  • It helps to reduce acid levels and not just only that but is also equally helpful towards improving diet including giving high energy rise.
  • For a fact, a small figs amount when consumed is helpful towards relieving mouth dryness.
  • Figs properties also involve anti-bacterials properties.
  • When it is consumed on a daily basis, it is helpful for curing mental disorders.
  • Besides the psychological wellness, it plays a potent role to improve liver, gallbladder and kidney functions
  • A significant and substantial use will help in bladder and kidney inflammation reduction.
  • It plays an essential role to cure sore throats.
  • Figs and honey relieve cough, so it is helpful for the people who are exposed to a common flue that involves bacteria of common cough and cold.
  • At last, some of its few benefits are stimulating blood circulation and insomnia treatment.

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Recipe And Method of preparation

Preparing home remedies to treat kidney stones does not require a lot of ingredients. Neither, it requires a lot of effort and time for the preparation. Firstly take some dried figs followed by cutting portion to make it into small pieces. After that, it is needful to dip and soak into a glass of water so that all the bacteria and impurities are extracted.

Then, it is a primary task to squeeze freshly brought lemons which is one of the important ingredients. As long as, the dried figs and water with additional lemon juice and combined, a minimum of a night to be kept is necessary so that all the ingredients are well-mixed for the next morning use.

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After the overnight mixing process, it is a must to pour a minimum of one liter of boiling water and drink it in an empty stomach. Just a reminder, the drinking should be on an empty stomach only. Furthermore, the result will be seen in seven days’ time when the urine color becomes darker which is the signs of kidney stones being dissolved. At last, if a person is dealing with a similar disorder then the avoidance of sugar and eating of rich foods that contain magnesium in the food items like tofu, rice, and bananas.

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