Get Rid Of Corns, Cracked Heels And Herpes Using Garlic Ointment

Published Date: 20 Oct, 2019 Updated date: 20 Oct, 2019 By Celebs Podium

Garlic ointment is a potent natural remedy with amazing therapeutic properties, and it can easily be prepared at home.

Garlic ointment is an external remedy with extraordinary healing effects against many diseases. Some of them are corns, skin mycosis, rheumatic neuralgia, insect bites, cysts, scabies. Also, athlete’s foot cracked heels, all warts kinds, genital herpes, external hemorrhoids, cuts, infected wounds are healed.

This ointment is also equally beneficial if a person has severe pain in the chest due to cold. Not only that, but it also acts as a facilitator whooping cough and bronchial asthma. Apart from that, the ointment ensures pain relief in case of burns. It also accommodates relieving discomfort possible through quick healing. For a better and most efficient procedure, you apply it in a thick layer and do not hurry and keep it as it is for almost a few minutes. The benefits will be seen right from the first use and can be applied if the problem reoccurs again.

Nose And Ear Pain

The Garlic Ointment acts as a healer to consider nose and ear pain. The two-body organs are the most powerful senses of human beings and are also equally sensitive. So while applying it, a person should be conscientious. Firstly, put some ointment inside the ear (as a bean size), and then after a few minutes, cotton is necessary to plugin. Leaving it for 15 minutes, it is essential only to use lukewarm water for removal.

How To Prepare Garlic Ointment:

While making garlic ointment, the first step is to crush one garlic head. Then, another procedure involves mixing the crushed particles with 100-150 grams of ghee (clarified butter). A person must be careful while mixing the two-ingredient. Likewise, put it on low heat in a bain-marie for three hours.

The three hours of boiling heat are perfect for a desirable mixture that needs to be put in a clean bowl. Then follows the addition of pure beeswax only of a large cherry size) using only a wooden spoon until the wax melting point. The mixture is then left for a minimum of ten or a maximum of 15 minutes for cooling and should be mixed carefully using the wooden spoon for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Likewise, the only best place for cooling is using the refrigerator for six hours to cool down and make sure for readily use. Considering a dark cooler place makes the garlic ointment very smooth and easy to apply in different body organs. If you use garlic ointment for foot mycosis, corns, and cracked heels, you can add a few drops of castor oil. In rheumatism neuralgia and insect bites, add ten drops of peppermint oil, and for warts and herpes, add a few drops of celandine tinctures.

How To Use Garlic Ointment

The use of garlic ointment is very and consumers less time effort. The first procedure is the application of a small number of mixtures in several intervals of times throughout a day. It ensures to make the garlic ointment to be very thin in a layer, and a careful use for the affected area with a gentle massage is a must for the first few seconds.

Garlic ointment treatments can spread over a more extended period depending on the severity of the medical condition. Garlic ointment is an exceptional natural remedy because it has no side effects. To check your sensitivity to garlic or if you have allergies, you can make a test on a small body area. The ointment shouldn’t flush red skin and shouldn’t cause itching.

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