Who Is Georgina Rodriguez; Bio, Personal And Family Life, Net Worth

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Like a fairy tale, the Spanish beauty, Georgina Rodriguez rose from sharing a single room to spotlight with sheer will and determination until she found the love of her life that would eventually change everything about her life.

The Spanish beauty, Georgina Rodriguez got into the spotlight in 2016 due to her relationship with the legendary and renowned footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the beauty queen is a model and a dancer who is committed to her career.

Though the beauty queen met Ronaldo when he was playing for Real Madrid the football superstar now ply his trade in England for the English giant club, Manchester United, with the majority of the best sports betting sites Canada backing the 35-year-old old to lead his new team to Premier League glory.

Personal and Family Life

Georgina Rodriguez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on January 27, 1995, to Ana Maria Hernandez and Jorge Rodriguez who was an Argentinean footballer. Her mother Ana is of Spanish nationality.

However, she grew up in the northern city of Jaca, Spain-her mother’s nationality, along with an elder sister who is also now an Instagram celebrity.

Georgina was enrolled in a classical dance studio at the age of four where she first started receiving dance lessons. She continued pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a famous ballet dancer after high school when she moved from Jaca to the city of Madrid.

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Things weren’t rosy at first in Madrid, and she couldn’t afford a place of her own so she shared a room with a bunch of several other youngsters like herself.

Her financial woes continued and she soon found that she couldn’t afford to sponsor her dancing career. She then switched to a career in modeling by starting as a fashion retailer. Moreover, she got her first job as a waitress and then another job in a mid-range shop where she receives better pay.

But when the gorgeous model later found a job at a Gucci shop in Madrid, she was informed of her need to sharpen her English speaking skill to have the chance of working in such an eloquent shop. But not forgetting her childhood dream of becoming a superstar lining in luxury, Georgina said:” I wanted to work in luxury and I understood that for that I had to speak English”.


Thus, she moved to Bristol, England in 2012 where she worked as a maid and also enrolled in an English-speaking school to polish her use of English. However, with such determination, she’ll return back to her country in Spain where she’ll take up a new job that would offer better pay and increase her taste of life.

In fact, her fortune changed totally when she returned to Spain after she took up a new job as an assistant salesperson at a Gucci shop in Madrid where she met the love of her life – Cristiano Ronaldo, in 2016.

But in spite of having to meet the love of her life, the model was shown the door after few of her acquaintance with Ronaldo, with her employers fearing that her newfound status -which has started to attract several of Ronaldo’s fans- might scare their band of rich clientele away.

Having such a high celebrity as your fiancé comes with benefit as Cristiano Ronaldo soon helped her found a new job with his connections but wouldn’t last too long also.

However, she further her existence in education while hunting for a degree in financial accounting at the Centre for Financial Studies in Madrid. With speculation flying around that she could be in line to manage Cristiano’s vast business empire.

Although the two lovebirds aren’t officially married yet the two have made some clear statements of how much they love each other and with three children now between them, marriage is surely down the line.

In fact, she was vehemently backing Cristiano Ronaldo to his innocence after model Kathryn Mayorga accused him of rape back in 2018. Though it doesn’t speak much, it references the mutual trust and respects they both share.

Georgina has also been a mother figure to Ronaldo’s first son – Ronaldo junior, as they have all been seen in several cozy family photoshoots. Ronaldo Junior’s mother identity hasn’t been made available to the public.


Below is the bio of Georgino Rodriguez, the Spanish model and Instagram celebrity, and also Cristiano Ronaldo’s long-time girlfriend.


Full name Georgina Rodriguez
Nickname Georgina
Age 27 years
Gender Female
Date of birth 27th January 1994
Profession Model, Instagram celebrity
Place of birth Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Spanish, Argentine
Religion Christian
Language spoken Spanish, English
Father Jorge Rodriguez
Mother Ana Maria Hernandez
Sister Ivana Rodriguez
Height 5feets 6 inches
Weight 65kg (143lbs)
Body measurement 33-24-35
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Son(s) Cristiano Ronaldo jr.  ,  Mateo Ronaldo
Daughter(s) Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro ,  Eva Maria dos Santos
Marital status Engaged
Boyfriend/Husband Cristiano Ronaldo
Education Graduated from Centro de Estudios Financiero


Net Worth

Although she moves and rolls with sports superstar and boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. Georgina isn’t all about being a housewife as she has also made quite a fortune to her name. However, she has made quite a fortune to her name and is believed to have an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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She is actively engaged on social media and now has over 27 million followers on her Instagram social media page alone. Georgina has also featured in several reputable fashion magazines like; ‘Women’s Health’, ‘VIP Magazine’, ‘Love Magazine’ among others.

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