Gaming’s Biggest Trends in 2022

Published Date: 26 May, 2022 Updated date: 08 Nov, 2023 By Phil

Gaming is now well and truly one of the world’s most popular entertainment industries. Pulling in hundreds of billions of dollars every year, the industry is vast and encompasses a massive ecosystem of businesses, organizations, individuals, and, of course, technological innovations.

In many ways, the rise of the gaming industry has set a blueprint that many other tech markets have emulated. Without gaming, would we be quite as welcoming to the various technologies that impact our daily lives? Even traditional entertainment industries have become increasingly more gamified in recent years, with top-selling games inspiring movies and TV programs.  

With the gaming trends of the past few years easily being the top technology trends of the same period, what will the defining trends be for 2022?  

Gaming in the Cloud 

Let’s face it, gamers are pretty accustomed to needing to upgrade their consoles or PCs every few years or so in order to access the latest gaming releases. While it seems that manufacturers are releasing new models every year – particularly when it comes to gaming laptops – a new trend is in town that could well bring the paradigm to an end.  

Cloud gaming is one of the definitive trends in the gaming industry this year after the The Lost Caverns of Ixalan MTGA Promo Pack Codes was revealed. Many big-name gaming companies, including Microsoft, Google, Sony, Tencent, NVIDIA, and even Amazon, have all launched their own cloud-based gaming services. This model effectively democratizes the practice of playing video games, giving gamers access to the latest and greatest without needing to upgrade their hardware.  

Additionally, as the 5G rollout continues and becomes more integrated into the mainstream, cloud gaming provides the freedom to access high-quality games on the go, heralding a new era of mobile gaming in the process. 

iGaming’s not Done 

Despite being worth almost $100 billion, the iGaming market has only just begun its quest for world domination. This sector encompasses remote poker gaming, and online casino games such as roulette or blackjack, a classic that has been innovating over the years through different versions, being one of the most popular games in the sector. In 2022, it’s set to expand even further into the US, providing American players with a wider selection of gaming experiences.  

In terms of technology, iGaming has always been poised at the edge of innovation. One of the first sectors to fully embrace the potential of the digital gaming space, this year we can expect real money gaming to evolve further down the play-to-earn route and ramp up things on the social gaming front too.  

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Enter the Metaverse 


Despite Zuckerberg’s best attempt at a sales pitch, the full scale of the metaverse won’t be with us for quite a few years yet. However, gaming companies have already begun to invest in this newly emerging segment, particularly in the realms of VR gaming.  

The metaverse buzz has already seen big players in consumer tech branch out into the segment; Sony’s VR 2, the Apple VR headset, and Meta’s own Cambria are just a few examples. 2022 is seeing companies jostling for prime position ahead of the upcoming Web 3.0 gold rush but, as is often the case in gaming, only the key innovators will be able to sustain top placement.  

The eSports Explosion 

The popularity of eSports has been simmering for a few years now, but in 2022 it’s hitting the big time. For the first time on record, eSports will officially debut as a medalled event at the 2022 Asian Games marking its first time included in an international multi-sport tournament. Additionally, an eSports championship is set to run in conjunction with the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. 

Along with raising the profile of pro video gaming in general, the current developments in the eSports sector are a clear indication that gaming is well and truly now a spectator sport. Last year saw new records being set in terms of tournament viewership, as the 2021 League of Legends World Championship attracted an audience of 73 million. That record will likely be smashed yet again here in 2022, especially since eSports is forecast to break into $2 billion territories. 

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