Best Netflix Hacks Every Man Should Know in 2021

Published Date: 05 Nov, 2021 Updated date: 05 Nov, 2021 By Phil

With a whopping 200 million subscribers and still counting, Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming platforms globally. It is also a platform where many movies have their worldwide release through the small screen.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for online movie streaming platforms such as Netflix is at an all-time high than ever before. With the availability of varied, flexible subscription plans, watching from home comfort, and user-friendly characteristics, streaming platforms such as Netflix ensure users get access to loads of titles.

However, few cons come with Netflix, including the disappearance of movies from time to time. However, a few tips will help you manage the Netflix account effectively. Such tips ensure users experience a better viewing experience as well as easy navigation.

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1. Offline accessibility for watching TV and Movie Shows

Do you plan to go for a weekend tour, and missing out on your favorite show is bothering you too much? All you have to do is download the shows on your Netflix, and you are good to go. Similarly, you can also download and watch movies anytime you wish to see using Netflix.

The Netflix content is made available for users to download in android, iOS, Amazon Fire OS, and Windows 10. You have to click the ‘Download’ button to download the shows or movies. Once the download is completed, you can watch the content in the Downloads section even when offline.

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2. Selecting shows that match your interests

Have you ever felt that Netflix is not recommending the shows or movies of interest to you? Netflix has assigned a specific code for each show or movie genre, such as comedy, action, thriller, etc. The first thing you have to do is open the browser and log in to your Netflix account. In the address bar, you should type [code].

Within the bracket denoted as code, the genre-specific codes need to be added by the user. Once done, the user should click ‘Enter.’ Now, you will be able to watch the movies that come under the specific Genre of interest.

3. Enjoy Seamless Viewing Experience using Keyboard Shortcuts

There is no better way than watching your favorite show using keyboard shortcuts. Whether it is playing a movie, pausing a TV show, rewinding, fast-forwarding, or increasing and reducing the volume, the availability of keyboard shortcuts and knowing such keyboard shortcuts can prove very useful for Netflix users.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts are given below.

  1. Space: Play or pause
  2. F/Esc: Enter/exit the full-screen mode
  3. Left/right arrow: Rewind/fast-forward ten seconds
  4. Up/down arrow: Increase/decrease the volume
  5. S: To skip the introduction

4. Watch the video in HD

Each of us wishes to see the movies or TV shows in the best possible HD quality. However, ensure that you have a proper and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection or internet connection. Netflix requires a speed of a minimum of 5 megabits per second download speed if users wish to see the movie in HD quality. It is better to opt for Microsoft’s Edge or Internet Explorer and Apple Safari if you are a MacBook user for watching movies in full 1080 pixels.

5. Manage Continue Watching Queue

The videos, including movies or TV shows, may interest you, or they may not interest you. If it does not interest you, you may leave the TV or movie how halfway. However, the movie will still display in the queue asking under the ‘Continue Watching’ row. If you do not want to watch such movies or TV shows to display under ‘Continue Watching,’ you can do it from the mobile phone.

You will have to click three dots available in the movie or TV show you have stopped watching. Click the ‘Remove from the show’ option. Users will have to confirm the option by clicking ‘OK.’ Thus, the interface of the streaming app remains clean from unwanted TV shows or movies. Include the shows or movies that are of interest to you.

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6. Get rid of ‘Are You Still Watching Notification?’

For some Netflix users, it could be annoying to see ‘Are You Still Watching Notification?’ once in 2 hours. However, you could disable the same by installing the Never-Ending Netflix chrome extension. The extension will also allow the user to get rid of the title sequences. Users can sort the movies or TV shows based on Genre and facilitate auto-playing of the next episode.


The tips mentioned above are going to be of immense help for Netflix users. We will be providing you with more Netflix tips and tricks in the next article.

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