7 Things You Can Do To Save Our Planet

Published Date: 01 Mar, 2020 Updated date: 02 Mar, 2021 By Celebs Podium

With the amount of environmental crisis our Earth is facing, you would really have to be a sadist to not do anything about it. Let’s face it guys, the world is crumbling and if we don’t start now, it won’t be long since the entire human race is swept clean.

But what exactly can you do?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of things you can do, on a personal, and even a societal level to save mother Earth. We get it, it’s easier said than done. It’s just not that easy to execute.

Therefore, here are a few steps you can actually take to contribute to saving our common home.

More about 7 things you can do to save our planet:

1. Unplug anything you are not using


You might not know this, but even leaving your charger plugged in while the switch is turned off consumes electricity. Therefore, it is best for you to unplug everything you don’t use 24/7. It’s not that difficult to plug things. It’s a safer option anyway.

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2. Follow natural insulation techniques

Did you know that you can insulate your house in a completely natural way? The secret is, to allow the sunlight in and prevent its heat from escaping. You could open the window on the East to let sunlight in the morning and shut the windows in the afternoon.

This prevents the cold evening wind from entering your house and keeps the heat you absorbed in. This not just saves power but also your money by reducing your electricity bills.

3. Plant trees nearby


Planting trees around your house do not just give it a natural, beautiful look. It also creates pockets of dead air that work as a shield for both hot and cold air. This means the temperature of the house cannot escape it.

All you have to do is plant trees about 12 inches away from your house. It’s by far the most beneficial way of insulation since it also supplies you with enough fresh air.

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4. Use large loads in washing machines, dishwashers, and freezers

The more loads you put in, the less energy you use to run these appliances. You don’t have to run the washing machine to wash one t-shirt unless absolutely necessary. You can collect dirty dishes and use the dishes up to twice a day. The lesser you run these appliances, the more energy you save, given that they consume a significant amount of energy.

5. Reduce daytime energy use

You don’t have to leave the WiFi router on when there is nobody in your house using the internet. You can unplug your oven and your table lamps as well. You can turn all the lights off. This way, you save a lot of electricity and obviously, a lot of money. The satisfaction that comes with it is a cherry on top.

6. Use energy-efficient products


You saw it coming. Although cliche, this technique is actually really effective. Use CFL light bulbs instead of incandescent lamps. They produce less heat and consume less energy while giving you bright lighting. They are very cheap and are found popular in the market.

Furthermore, you can replace your old appliances and replace them with  EPL- approved EnergyStar rated appliances that consume 10% to 50% less electricity.

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7. Install renewable sources of power supply


Finally, change your power supply source. Install a solar system in your house. Or a geothermal insulation system. Wind energy works as well, depending upon your region.

Check which source of renewable energy suits you the best and install it. Although initially expensive, it saves you a lot of money in the long run and is the best way to go environment-friendly.

There you go! These are the 7 things you can do to save our planet. You can apply each of these steps in your daily lives and contribute a little bit towards saving our Earth. If you adapt to these ways, you should be proud of yourself. You would be helping save the entire human race, after all.

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